As West Zone Operator for CDS Vic we are thrilled to celebrate this incredible milestone by the State, and want to thank our West Zone community of recyclers, refund point operators, partners, and the Team in the field for their dedication and contribution to this landmark moment for CDS Vic.

In 2024 we will continue to build upon our network of almost 150 refund points to provide Victorians across the state’s western region the most accessible and convenient container deposit scheme possible”

James Dorney, CEO TOMRA Cleanaway


Victorians across the state have thrown their support behind Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme – returning more than 100 million containers, and pocketing over $10 million in refunds in just two months.

CDS Vic is breaking records every week, with a staggering 15.8 million containers collected in the week before Christmas and a record 17.1 million containers returned last week. The biggest day to date as Friday 5 January with 3.18 million containers returned.

An average of 1o million cans, cartons, and bottles are being processed through CDS Vic across the state every week, with Victorians returning an average of 129 containers per transaction.

The CDS Vic West Zone Depot in Melton, operated by KARI, has been Melbourne’s best-performing refund point, having returned an astounding 3.9 million cans, glass and PET plastics since the scheme commended on November 1!

From left to right: Lyle Sansbury – KARI, Chris Gingell – TOMRA, Steve McGhie MP – State Member for Melton, Cain Slater – KARI, Casey Ralph – KARI, and Andrew Macarthur – Clean Vibes

Of all the containers returned since the scheme commenced, aluminium cans have been the most popular making up 53 percent of returns, followed by PET (26%), and glass (18%).

Container returns continue to increase and Victoria’s network of refund points will continue to grow to meet demand.

Victorians can choose to pocket the refund or donate their containers to one of the more than 600 participating charities, sports, community, environmental or educational groups that have registered as donation partners in the CDS Vic West Zone.

Returned drink containers can be transformed into all kinds of new things, including materials for roads, furniture, construction, textiles and more – creating new economic opportunities and will support more than 600 jobs across Victoria.

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme is a part of the State Government’s $515 million investment to transform Victoria’s waste and recycling system, helping to achieve the states target of diverting 80 percent of all material away from landfill by 2030.

“It’s remarkable to see so many Victorians get involved in recycling, providing 100 million containers and counting for re-use in new products instead of going to landfill or ending up in the environment and harming our wildlife.

The CDS is a great initiative to get people recycling – we’re rewarding Victorians who do the right thing, reducing litter and making sure recyclable product don’t end up in landfill.”

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos



To date, TOMRA Cleanaway’s West Zone operation has collected more than 58 million containers, putting more than $5.8 million back into the pockets of Victorians

All containers returned through the TOMRA Cleanaway collection point network for CDS Vic pass through technology for audit and verification purposes, which achieve clean, source-separated commodities that support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.

We encourage customers to download the CDS Vic west zone app here to check the live status of our sites.


This article originally published by the Premier of Victoria’s office here – Victoria’s CDS Hits Over 100 Million Container Deposits | Premier of Victoria