11 billion containers returned in NSW

Return and Earn has reached a new milestone, celebrating 11 billion bottles, cans, and cartons returned for recycling since 2017.

Thanks to the support of communities across NSW, Return and Earn has become a way of life. The scheme has meant $1.1 billion in refunds in people’s pockets. Charities and community groups have raised over $54 million through Return and Earn.

Over the past six years, the 10-cent refunds have helped families and individuals with cost-of-living pressures. Importantly, refunds have helped people reach their saving goals.

Furthermore, hundreds of charities and communities have benefitted from Return and Earn.

Charities such as Little Wings have relied on Return and Earn for fundraising. Little Wings provides free flight and ground transport services for seriously ill children in regional areas. Donating just 20 bottles, cartons, or cans funds one litre of fuel for their important community service.

In fact, hundreds of charities across NSW have used Return and Earn to fundraise. Some charities are official donation partners on the Return and Earn app. Other charities partner with a Return and Earn depot or run ‘bottle drives’ to redeem at their local return point.

Charities also benefit from hosting return points across the state. Charities can receive income as either the landlord of a Return and Earn machine or by operating a depot in partnership with network operator TOMRA Cleanaway. You can read more about fundraising with Return and Earn here.

Return and Earn is also a big part of our growing Australian circular economy; all plastic and glass containers returned through Return and Earn are recycled in Australia.

Return and Earn is delivered in partnership with the NSW government, scheme coordinator Exchange for Change, and network operator TOMRA Cleanaway, and it is funded by the beverage industry.

Learn more about Return and Earn including return points and eligible containers here.