Ararat Locals Enthusiastic for CDS Vic


Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic, commenced 1 November 2023, providing residents of Victoria, including Ararat locals, the chance to trade their eligible bottles, cans and cartons for cash.

Under the Scheme, Victorians will receive 10 cents for every eligible drink container they return. In the Ararat Rural City Council, the local refund point in Ararat, is located in Ararat Council carpark in the Gum San Chinese Heritage Centre.

Locals returning their containers will have a choice of pocketing their refund, spending it at a participating business, or donating it to a charity or community group of their choice.

With Victorians using more than 3 billion drink containers every year, CDS Vic will help reduce the number of bottles, cans and cartons that end up in landfill or discarded on local streets.

CDS Vic is part of the Victorian Government’s $515 million investment to transform Victoria’s waste and recycling sector.


Member for Ripon, Martha Haylett, believes the scheme will be embraced by locals.

“CDS Vic will mean 10 cents for every eligible bottle, can and carton returned.

Not only will this put cash back in the pockets of locals – it’s a big win for local charities and community groups too,” Ms Haylett said.


About the CDS Vic West Zone Operated by TOMRA Cleanaway

From the first week of November, hundreds of refund points have opened across the state, with the CDS Vic West Zone, operated by TOMRA Cleanaway having a complementary network of refund collection points. These include, Reverse Vending Machines that is, RVM’s, Over-The-Counter collection points and bulk container counting facilities, called ‘Depots’.

Customers of the West Zone are encouraged to download the CDS Vic West Zone app and have all the information they need about the region at their fingertips.

By August 2024 the network across the entire of Victoria will grow to more than 600 refund points.

The article was originally published in the Ararat Advertiser.