Avoca residents have a new location in town to return their eligible drink containers for a 10cent refund as a part of Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic.

A new reverse vending machine has been installed at Steve Holland Transport, 26 Monier Street Avoca by West Zone network operator TOMRA Cleanaway.

This site is now the second location in the Pyrenees Shire where locals can return their eligible bottles, cartons and cans, with the other machine located at Beaufort Rural and Hardware.

“I’m delighted to see the brand-new refund point in Avoca now officially open,” said Member of Ripon Martha Haylett.

“CDS improves recycling in our communities, but also puts money back in the pockets of local families.”

CDS Vic users are able to redeem their refunds in a variety of ways, including vouchers, cash refunds, electronic refunds, or they users can choose to donate their refund to a nominated charity, community group or organisation that are registered as donation partners with the scheme.

In the Pyrenees Shire, groups and organisations are already fundraising with CDS Vic, including Pyrenees Animal Rescue, who is raising funds towards saving and rehoming animals.

The new Avoca reverse vending machine located at Steve Holland Transport, Avoca.

6 Months of CDS Vic

To date, the CDS Vic West Zone operated by TOMRA Cleanaway has collected more than 200 million containers, putting more than $20 million back into the pockets of Victorians.

TOMRA Cleanaway have now rolled out 170 refund points across the CDS Vic West Zone which includes west Melbourne and western Victoria, with 180 refund points planned to be installed by August 2024 when the scheme is fully rolled out.

All containers returned through a return point operated by TOMRA Cleanaway pass through technology for audit and verification purposes, achieving clean, source separated commodities that support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.

For West Zone residents wanting to make their change with CDS Vic, we encourage you to download the CDS Vic West Zone app to find your nearest refund point, view live machine availability, receive your refunds digitally and to check container eligibility with our in-app scanner! Find out more and download now.

This article originally appeared in The Maryborough District Advertiser