APCO Barwon Heads and Grovedale RVMs Installed!

Residents of Greater Geelong have 2 new ways to return their containers with Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic.

Located in Barwon Heads and Grovedale, these 2 new Reverse Vending Machines will provide residents in Greater Geelong further convenient and accessible ways to return their containers through CDS Vic. These Reverse Vending Machines allow residents to return their eligible used drink bottles, cans, and cartons in exchange for a 10c refund, following similar schemes in other states around Australia.

Visit the new refund points at:

Across the City of Greater Geelong there are now 17 refund points for residents to make their change with CDS Vic. There are multiple Reveres Vending Machines located across the city, at sites including Pakington Strand, Gateway Plaza Leopold, Corio Village and many more.

There are also 2 bulk CDS Vic Depots, ideal for residents looking to deposit large quantities of eligible containers. These Depots include the CDS Vic Depot Bell Park operated by Recycle4Change, and the CDS Vic Depot Breakwater operated by Brotherhood of St. Laurence.

About TOMRA Cleanaway and the CDS Vic West Zone

TOMRA Cleanaway currently have almost 150 refund points across west Melbourne and western Victoria, with 180 refund points planned to be installed once the scheme is fully rolled out in August 2024. As network operator for the CDS Vic West Zone, TOMRA Cleanaway is focused on delivering a convenient and accessible network of refund points for residents.

All containers returned through the collection point network for CDS Vic pass through technology for audit and verification purposes, which achieve clean, source-separated commodities that support Victoria’s transition to a circular economy.

Victorians across the West Zone are encouraged to download and check the CDS Vic West Zone App for live status and opening hours of their local refund points before planning their trip.

About CDS Vic

Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible used drink can, bottle and carton.

In just 2 months CDS Vic celebrated more than 100 million containers being returned across the state, meaning Victorian’s pocketed over $10 million in refunds in just two months.

CDS Vic will reduce Victoria’s litter by up to half, create new economic opportunities, generate around 600 jobs across the state, in both regional and metropolitan Victoria, and turn drink containers into new recycled products.