Geoff Bottom, Bernardis Store Manger, Return and Earn.

Blayney’s first Return and Earn machine is now operational at Bernardi’s Marketplace-Blayney. CEO of the business Joseph Bernardi said of the move; “We are genuinely so excited to finally bring this project to fruition.

“I know that lots of people, rightly so, love to use the Return and Earn stations, so the fact that we could bring one to town was a real win for the environment and the township of Blayney. We hope everyone is excited that the facility is available to them as we are.”

The new Bernardi’s Marketplace – Blayney Return and Earn machine launched 26 May 2022 and operates in the same way as Return and Earn collection points operate across NSW. Plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass bottles and liquid paperboard cartons eligible for the 10c refund can be returned through the machine, with milk, wine and spirit bottles not accepted.

The news of the new return point comes as an announcement was made that Network Operator for Return and Earn, TOMRA Cleanaway was given a new contract to facilitate the NSW Government Scheme.

TOMRA Cleanaway CEO, James Dorney, welcomed the contract extension and said he looked forward to continuing to work with the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the scheme coordinator, Exchange for Change

“Working with our partners, we look forward to building upon the incredible success of the Scheme to date and positive environmental, charity, community and employment outcomes delivered as part of the circular economy in NSW, “Mr Dorney said.

TOMRA Cleanaway will continue expanding the Return and Earn network with 48 new return point locations, and we are continually reviewing the NSW network to ensure convenient and accessible return points are available to the community.

Regarding an additional site in Orange, a spokesperson for Return and Earn said,

“The network operator is also in discussions with a commercial operator in Orange and we anticipate announcing the new location for people to return and earn in Orange in the near future”, they said.

“Return and Earn’s network operator continually reviews opportunities to expand. Blayney residents are enthusiastic participants in the scheme and the new Return and Earn machine at Bernardi’s IGA, together with the over-the-counter return point at the Royal Hotel, will provide them with even greater access to the scheme.”

This article first appeared in the Central Western Daily on May 23, 2022 and then in the Blayney Chronicle.

For more information on partnering with TOMRA Cleanaway to host a return point, please contact us.

For more information on Return and Earn, please visit the website.