An empty drink can could help change someone’s life.

Thurgoona resident Peter White is making sure that disabled residents of Albury City Council area and surrounds are being given the opportunity to have a suitable car. Mr White is the founder of ‘Make Me Mobile‘, a charity raising funds to purchase wheelchair-accessible vans for low-income NDIS clients.

$26,000 has been raised so far!

Cash for Vans has been established as a part of his charity, giving people the opportunity to donate to the cause through the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn.

“I’d always wanted to start a charity for wheelchair vans, but could never work out how to generate that sort of money. So I hadn’t looked any further into it any,” Mr White said.

Mr White’s daughter Mackenzie, “suggested YouTube and TikTok, which inspired me to set up the charity, Make Me Mobile, and that’s where Cans for Vans came in.”

A friend of Mr White says the initiative has helped raise money even during a cost-of-living crisis.

“I’m aware of the financial hardship that everyone’s in at the moment because of interest rates and that. So I was thinking, ‘what’s something that everyone can do to help us raise money’?” he said.

“So my thought was, if we could get everyone to know about our cause and what we’re trying to do all over Australia and people just donating $15 a year, it all adds up really quickly and can be paying for these vehicles that people actually need.”

Supporting Charities with the Return and Earn app

225 fundraising campaigns are currently active on the Return and Earn app, allowing you to select your chosen campaign as your active payout method. This means the next time you visit your local return point, you simply need to scan the barcode on the app to donate your 10cent refund per eligible container to your chosen charity!

Looking to support Mr White’s Cans for Van initiative? Make me Mobile’s “Transport Options for People Living with a Disability” campaign is live on the Return and Earn app now.

Residents in Albury looking to support Cans for Vans can return their eligible drink containers to:

This article originally appeared in The Border Mail

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