2022 NSW Environmental Citizen of the Year Bin Chicken

NSW Environmental Citizen Of The Year 2022 Alexis Bowen For ‘The Bin Chicken’ Project!
A Western Sydney community recycling project called The Bin Chicken has been named the 2022 NSW Environmental Citizen of the Year by the NSW Government on World Environment Day.
The initiative aims to reduce recyclable material entering landfill and inspire the community to use the NSW government’s Return and Earn container deposit scheme to refund and donate money to local sports clubs, daycare centres and a community pantry that contains food products to help those in need.

How Old Cans And Bottles Can Help Sick Kids

Diagnosed with Spina Bifida less than eight hours after birth, Dale Johnson may have grown up in and out of hospitals but, at the same time, was able to experience childhood fun in the Starlight Express Rooms. The initiative with Return and Earn network providers TOMRA-Cleanaway allows people to recycle bottles and cans for money. It has raised over $100,000.