A Reverse Vending Machine has been installed at Newcomb Central Shopping Centre and will officially open on November 1.

It will be a part of Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, which allows Victorians to return eligible cans and bottles in exchange for a 10c refund, following similar schemes operating in other states around Australia.

CDS Vic is expected to help students at nearby Newcomb Primary School learn about the importance of recycling.

“Recycling is very important,” a student at the school, said.

“Plastic bottles can be made into other things.”

Reverse Vending Machines will be one of four ways eligible cans and bottles can be refunded under the scheme.

The State Government has promised that within a year of the initial rollout, network operators will be required to have one collection point for every 14,500 people and at least one per town of 750 in regional areas.

This article first appeared in The Geelong Advertiser.