Image above: Bell Park AD Opening Event: Tony Circelli, Head, Recycling Victoria; Claire Halsey, Board Member TOMRA Cleanaway; Cr Trent Sullivan, Mayor Greater Geelong; James Dorney, CEO TOMRA Cleanaway; Rob Brown, Chief Chance Creator, Chance Creators group; Tor Eirik Knutsen, Chairman TOMRA Cleanaway; Cr Anthony Aitken, Deputy Mayor City of Greater Geelong

CDS Vic’s West Zone Operations Launched in Geelong!

Victoria’s container deposit scheme rewards Victorians with a 10-cent refund for every eligible can, carton, and bottle they return.

Since the start of November, 17 refund points have opened across Greater Geelong.

The refund points consist of reverse vending machines, that take cans rather than dispensing them, as well as over-the-counter refund points, pop-up mobile collection sites, and bulk container refund depots.

The Geelong launch celebrations took place at the new North Geelong CDS Vic Depot in Bell Park operated by Recycle4Change.

Operator Recyle4Change is one arm of the Chance Creators group, an organisation that also operates the social enterprise Fruit2Work in Melbourne and Geelong.

Chance Creators chief Rob Brown said partnering with TOMRA Cleanaway to deliver CDS Vic services was providing worthwhile employment for people impacted by the justice system.

“Chance Creators has enthusiastically joined TOMRA Cleanaway as a partner through our Recycle4Change company to deliver two bulk container collection depots in the West Zone for CDS Vic,” said Mr Brown.

“More importantly, we have been able to employ 12 people that have been impacted through the judicial system, delivering meaningful employment, connection, and support.

“This employment and connection also serves the community through eliminating re-offending: none of our employees have returned to prison, and reducing the financial burden on taxpayers.”

City of Geelong Council Mayor Trent Sullivan celebrated the launch at the new North Geelong CDS Vic Depot in Bell Park operated by Recycle4Change.

“The launch of CDS Vic has been highly anticipated and warmly welcomed by the Geelong community,” Cr Sullivan said.

“We commend our partners at TOMRA Cleanaway and Recycle4Change on the impressive refund collection points that have been mobilised across the region.”

Geelong City Council is involved in hosting multiple refund points that are enabling our community to participate in Australia’s most convenient and accessible container deposit scheme.”

Cr Sullivan said he was impressed by the constant stream of people and had already tried out the scheme himself, receiving a coupon.

TOMRA Cleanaway are the West Zone Network Operator for CDS Vic, responsible for the machines in the Geelong region.

Chief executive officer James Dorney said locals have embraced the scheme and the benefits it brings to the community.

“We have mobilised a convenient and accessible refund collection point network that takes eligible drink containers out of landfill and litter.

“Collecting more than 700,000 eligible drink containers across the state represents a considerable shift in consumer behaviour that will only build in momentum over time.”

Information in this article first appeared in the Geelong Times and the Geelong Independent.