Charities and Communities Benefit From NSW Container Deposit Scheme


Since December 2017, the TOMRA Cleanaway return point network that underpins Return and Earn has delivered more than $30 million back to charities and community groups across NSW via direct donations and return point handling fees.
In this short time the scheme has boosted revenues and donations for more than 700 charities and community groups across the state whilst also creating vital new jobs for social enterprises.
There are many ways not-for-profits can participate in the scheme, including:

  • Charity Return Point Operators
  • Major Recycling Appeals
  • On-screen RVM Donation Partners
  • App Donation Partners
  • Community Fundraising ‘Bottle & Can Drives’.

Here are just a few of the many success stories from NSW showcasing large and small charities, social enterprises, schools, sports clubs, and local community groups that have benefited from partnerships with TOMRA Cleanaway.

Does your organisation want to get involved? If you are interested in generating additional or new income through the recycling of drink containers, please contact us.

Hundreds of not-for-profit organisations and charities are benefiting from these partnership options, such as on-screen fundraising opportunities, via the App, or through operating return points like Vinnies NSW above.


See how charity operators generate a significant revenue stream that gets invested back into social enterprises, creating new employment opportunities or funding vital community programs


Major recycling appeals have raised close to $1 million for large charities. Find out how these appeals benefit state-wide charities, help drive community impact, and give people a direct and tangible way to help.


Over 650 small and large charities, schools and community groups have become an on-screen donation partner raising over $2 Million from drink container refunds since scheme commencement.


An unlimited number of charities and not-for-profits can benefit from fundraising through the app, receiving donations from ANY Reverse Vending Machines across NSW. With no upfront costs, no ongoing overhead, this digital fundraising tool gives access to hundreds of thousands potential donors


Find out how community groups proactively engage their volunteers and supporters to collect millions of drink containers, returning them to their local Reverse Vending Machines or Collection Point to access cash refunds. 


Snowy 2.0 Recycling to Fundraise with Return and Earn and Valmar Industries

In the heart of high-country NSW, Craig “Nicko” Nicholls has led the way to returning 120,000 empty plastic bottles to raise $12,000 for local charities in the Snowy Mountains region. Nicko is part of a 2,000 strong onsite workforce for the Snowy 2.0 hydropower project.

2022 NSW Environmental Citizen of the Year Bin Chicken

NSW Environmental Citizen Of The Year 2022 Alexis Bowen For ‘The Bin Chicken’ Project!
A Western Sydney community recycling project called The Bin Chicken has been named the 2022 NSW Environmental Citizen of the Year by the NSW Government on World Environment Day.
The initiative aims to reduce recyclable material entering landfill and inspire the community to use the NSW government’s Return and Earn container deposit scheme to refund and donate money to local sports clubs, daycare centres and a community pantry that contains food products to help those in need.

How Old Cans And Bottles Can Help Sick Kids

Diagnosed with Spina Bifida less than eight hours after birth, Dale Johnson may have grown up in and out of hospitals but, at the same time, was able to experience childhood fun in the Starlight Express Rooms. The initiative with Return and Earn network providers TOMRA-Cleanaway allows people to recycle bottles and cans for money. It has raised over $100,000.

Containers 4 Kids – a Starlight Foundation Appeal

Containers for Kids’. In partnership with the Starlight Children’s Foundation, the campaign aims at raising $250,000 to brighten the lives of sick kids.

Team TOMRA Cleanaway Walking to fight Cancer!

Team TOMRA Cleanaway again participated in the ‘7 Bridges Challenge’, with an amazing effort the team raised $2,200!

Marine Rescue reaps the rewards of Bermagui recycling

Bermagui Marine Rescue protects the community enjoying the coastal region and is a featured charity on the local Return and Earn return vending machine (RVM) in Bermagui. The charity also has supporters who donate their container refunds in cash.

Ma Vilma, an Everyday Hero

Cleanaway’s Administration Officer Ma Vilma Ortega, always smiling and helping others through any challenge.

Nambucca Heads Volunteers Raise $25,000 From Recycling and Save Local Golf Club!

With over 600 return points across NSW, the opportunity to form partnerships is endless. Nambucca Heads Islands Golf Club’s fundraising initiative making use of Return and Earn, is a demonstration of the initiatives and outcomes the community are achieving through use of the scheme.

Let’s start a conversation – The Blue Tree of Warialda

The Blue Tree Project is sparking a conversation about mental health. Don’t be afraid to say the wrong thing, be brave. By spreading the message that “it’s OK to not be OK”, we can help break down the stigma that is still largely attached to mental health.

Willing & Able, providing employment opportunities

Supporting those with disabilities by providing employment opportunities. The Challenge Willing & Able has done a tremendous job offering many members of the disabled community employment. Taking on the opportuninty to find the right fit for the job as Over The...

St Vinnies, helping create a brighter future

Automated Depot Vinnies Penrith – Lids For Limbs St Vinnies Penrith is helping create brighter futures for our kids. The Penrith branch has developed a program in the community to collect bottle lids. They have set up a dedicated 12oL collection bins on site for the...

Re-vitalising Communities With Bottles and Cans

While perhaps best known for its Artesian Bore Baths and Chambers of the Black Hand, the remote town is also the site of one of Return and Earn’s most celebrated return points.