Charity Return Point Operators

Millions Generated Every Year For Local Communities Through Operator Handling Fees

Every year, social enterprises and charitable organisations like Vinnies NSW, Valmar Industries, Resource Recovery Australia, Bourke Laundry Service and many more are generating significant income by operating return points and receiving a handling fee for every container collected through a partnership with TOMRA Cleanaway.

With millions of containers collected and processed by these return points every week, a wide range of new employment opportunities and a significant revenue stream is created for our partner organisations providing valuable funds that can be invested back into welfare programs or social enterprises.

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Resource Recovery Australia


Vinnies NSW

The Vinnies NSW container return points are a major success. Across seven sites in metropolitan and regional NSW, Vinnies is processing more than a million containers per week and has processed more than 200 million containers to date. The new revenue stream has been directed into the organisation’s work supporting vulnerable community members.

The Vinnies CDS operation in partnership with TOMRA Cleanaway has been a tremendous success in NSW and has generated significant surplus funds that are directed back into social and welfare programs to assist people experiencing poverty and disadvantage. ~ Jack de Groot, CEO, St Vincent de Paul Society of NSW

Resource Recovery Australia



Valmar Industries is a disability support service charity, based in the Snowy Valley. They established an over-the-counter return point as soon as the scheme was launched, further expanding their business services arm, including a community recycling centre. This operation quickly developed into an automated depot and a bulk container processing centre, in partnership with the local government.

TOMRA Cleanaway has enabled us to provide viable ‘Green Jobs’ for people with disabilities and their support staff and has allowed us to raise the profile of our organisation locally. ~ Hugh Packard, CEO Valmar Industries

Resource Recovery Australia

 Resource Recovery Australia

Resource Recovery Australia

Resource Recovery Australia (RRA) is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded in Tuncurry, focusing on empowering people experiencing barriers to employment while keeping waste out of landfill. RRA initially opened two over-the-counter return points in December 2017. The volumes of returned containers grew so rapidly that the organisation soon needed to up-scale operations and partnered with the Mid-Coast Council to operate an automated depot and bulk processing facility.

Being part of ‘Return and Earn’ delivered tremendous benefits for Resource Recovery Australia. In particular, the planning, coordination and technical support provided by TOMRA Cleanaway significantly de-risks our participation in the scheme, while delivering a valuable and popular new source of fundraising and community outreach. ~ Matt Curtis, General Manager of RRA

Resource Recovery Australia

 Bourke Laundry

Bourke Laundry Service

Bourke Laundry Service’s core tenent is creating a purpose for community members with disabilities in remote far-western NSW. Partnering with TOMRA Cleanaway to host an over-the-counter return point has provided broader opportunities for staff to engage with the local community, build jobs, develop a sense of pride and inclusion, as well as generate income to support the operation’s traditional activities.

Being in a remote area, we’ve been very badly affected by long periods of drought, so we’d been looking for something that could support our work and make us more viable as a business. The option to host a Return and Earn collection point came up in Bourke and we were asked if we would be interested and jumped at the opportunity. ~ Lisa Crothers, Director Bourke Laundry Service

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