Ahead of Clean up Australia Day on Sunday March 3, Victorians are being encouraged to return drink containers they collect as a part of the Clean Up to their nearest CDS Vic refund point to earn their 10-cent refund for every eligible drink container they return!

Since Victorias Container Deposit Scheme began on 1 November 2023, over 100 million eligible containers, cans, and bottles have been returned across the CDS Vic West Zone. TOMRA Cleanaway is the network operator for the CDS Vic West Zone, which is comprised of 28 local government areas from Melbourne’s metropolitan west to western regional Victoria.

Locals in Melbourne’s west have enthusiastically embraced the new container deposit scheme, due in part to the availability and accessibility of the Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) that TOMRA Cleanaway have rolled out across region.

Chair of Clean Up Australia Pip Kiernan said container deposit schemes had the potential to make a real difference. Read more about Clean Up Australia Day and the recent FY23 Litter Report here.

Keeping The City of Hobsons Bay Clean

Six-year-old Sebastian, pictured above, and dad Damon have been collecting cans from the Williamstown area since the scheme began in November. The father and son duo have been making weekly visits to their local RVM in Altona. Sebastian is working on cleaning the planet and earning some pocket money to save for a Chicago Bulls basketball!

The Altona Meadows Reverse Vending Machine is proving popular with Hobsons Bay locals!

In the Hobsons Bay City Council region, there are a variety of reverse vending machines available that locals can use to return their containers and make their change with CDS Vic:

Residents looking to deposit large quantities of eligible containers are encouraged to visit the CDS Vic Depot Williamstown operated by CitizenBlue – located at 8-10 Racecourse Road, Williamstown, Vic 3016.

This article originally appeared in The Herald Sun