Collection and Refund Points

Community access delivers high participation rates and container redemptions.

Our network of container collection and refund points are the pride of our services.

Strong third-party partnerships backed by our operational support means TOMRA Cleanaway delivers world-class container deposit networks to our communities.

The success of a container refund network is measured through return rates and community participation. Nowhere else in Australia has such participation or community access been delivered.

Container Collection Points
Over The Counter Return Points
What is an Over the Counter Return Point?

Over the counter (OTC) return points are container collection points that manually collect containers, delivering these back to a central counting and collection centre for verification and processing. Over the counter return points typically handle smaller numbers of containers.

If you are interested in partnering to host an OTC, please contact us

What is a Reverse Vending Machine?

A reverse vending machine (RVM) is the opposite of a drink dispensing machine. A person places their empty eligible drink container into the machine, the container is scanned to verify it is eligible and the person either:

  • receives a voucher they can redeem for cash or in-store credit at a partnering retailer (such as Woolworths)
  • receives an electronic funds transfer to their registered PayPal account via the myTOMRA app
  • donates a refund to a nominated charity or community group. These machines do not hold cash.

If you are interested in partnering to host a RVM, please contact us.

Reverse Vending Machine
Automated Depot
What is an Automated Depot?

An Automated Depot (AD) provides consumers with a high volume collection point for containers’ bulk quantities. The AD has a mechanical scanning and counting system that provides for efficient processing of bulk returns that involve the same cloud-based verification technology used in RVM’s. ADs are operated by independent organisations and receive a handling fee paid for each eligible drink container received.

If you are interested in partnering to host an AD , please contact us.

What is a Reverse Vending Centre?

Reverse Vending centres or RVCs are self-service locations. The indoor air-conditioned facility features six indoor reverse vending machines and provides an all-weather experience with more capacity and onsite parking.

Please contact us to find out more.

Reverse Vending Centre