A second reverse vending machine has been installed at Cooinda Terang to help the team process the high volume of containers that are being returned as a part of Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic.

Since the scheme commenced on 1 November 2023, residents across Victoria have been collecting and recycling eligible drink bottles, cartons, and cans and returning them through CDS Vic refund collection points to receive 10 cents per item in return.

Due to the high volume of eligible drink containers that have been returned through Cooinda at 49 Dow Street Terang, a second reverse vending machine has been delivered and installed to help the team keep up with local demand.

Cooinda farm project co-ordinator Eammon O’Connor stated that by the end of the week they expected to reach 600,000 containers returned since the scheme commenced.

“We always hoped it would be as successful as it has been, but the buy-in from the community has been incredible,” he said.

“Having the second machine is going to take the pressure off and make sure we’re not knocking people back – it’s much more customer friendly for people to not have to sit and wait.”

Mr O’Connor credits part of the success to the assistance of the Cooinda participants with the machines operations. Cooinda general manager Phil Hose said the Cooinda participants work ethic and the support of the local community have been major factors behind the success of the launch.

“We’ve been following the possibility of supporting the CDS rollout for around three or four years, we knew it could be supported by community organisations and local communities getting together, so we felt that was a perfect fit for Cooinda,” Mr Hose said.

Volume: Brian is among the Cooinda participants who have taken a hands-on approach in helping the launch of the Container Deposit Scheme in Terang grow from strength-to-strength. With over 500,000 containers now recycled in the town, Brian shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Picture Credit: Terang Express


This article originally appeared in The Terang Express

To find out more about CDS Vic, visit the website here.

To find a CDS Vic refund point near you, download the CDS Vic West Zone App.

The Cooinda Terang partnership with TOMRA Cleanaway for CDS Vic is unique, enabling community members with disabilities to work in an area of employment that provides considerable community benefits. Read more about our social enterprise and not-for-profit partnerships here.