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Charities and communities

Charities and communities benefit from NSW Container Deposit Scheme – more than $47 million has gone back to the NSW community!

Since December 2017, the TOMRA Cleanaway return point network that underpins Return and Earn has delivered more than $47 million to charities and community groups across NSW via direct donations and return point handling fees.

In this short time, the scheme has boosted revenues and donations for more than 700 charities and community groups across the state while creating vital new jobs for social enterprises.

If you are interested in generating additional or new income by recycling drink containers, please contact us.

Success stories

Below are just a few of the many success stories from NSW showcasing large and small charities, social enterprises, schools, sports clubs, and local community groups that have benefited from partnerships with TOMRA Cleanaway.


Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

As a service provider to the NSW community, our vision for reconciliation is to actively participate in connected communities that are uplifted through their involvement with our network and services. TOMRA Cleanaway engages in meaningful relationships that benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and businesses across our locations of influence.

Our business recognises the local Aboriginal community where our head office operations reside, the Darug people of Western Sydney. Throughout our commitment to reconciliation, we will continue to engage and reach out to members of the local Darug people to help guide us in our RAP journey. TOMRA Cleanaway’s operations occur in multiple Countries across NSW and VIC which involve engagement and working with Aboriginal peoples across these regions.

TOMRA Cleanaway has endorsed a Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group to actively organise and encourage our team and business in formulating and encouraging our reconciliation journey.

TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to helping build strong relationships and respect between our business, non-Indigenous people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples by creating a workplace culture that understands, values and respects histories, cultures, and contributions of Indigenous people.

RAP pillars

Our RAP journey is based on three core pillars that underpin all that we are aiming for in reconciliation:

  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Opportunities

In addition to our community engagement, TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to providing a better understanding of the culture and history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, creating equity and equality within the business, and closing the gap.

A container deposit scheme benefits local communities, both environmentally and financially. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community prides themselves on their strong, sound connection with Country.

This common belief we share will be leveraged to improve our trust and relationships with partners, community members and team members, both non-Indigenous and Indigenous alike.

Our partnerships

TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to achieving meaningful partnerships and relationships with Aboriginal and Indigenous businesses and organisations across all regions we operate in.

Our team is participating in respectful and culturally sensitive interactions, and working towards developing trust with our partners to ensure we are delivering opportunities to Indigenous communities across NSW and Victoria.

TOMRA Cleanaway recognises that building strong open relationships with local communities is a fundamental requirement to the success of our business. We believe that relationships are built on respect and trust and developed through consultation and understanding. Only through understanding and connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples can we achieve greater learning and engagement with the communities in which we operate.

TOMRA Cleanaway’s commitment to cultural awareness will continue to be developed across focus areas mentioned below, to ensure that staff and contracted service providers understand and respect the strengths of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

TOMRA Cleanaway has engaged our return point partners to investigate their involvement in their local community, particularly their current processes involving their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island community members.

Information gathered will be used to provide evidence on the benefits of localised partnerships, enabling more return points to get actively involved in engaging their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples to get involved, increasing recycling and waste management practices in Country and committing to reconciliation.

Articles related to our RAP commitment:


Industry leaders

Container deposit schemes represent just a fraction of the global waste and resource recovery industry.

TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to providing the community with an essential service for public health and wellbeing.

Container deposit schemes are underpinned by extended producer responsibility, whereby the producer of a waste item is required to fund efficient and effective material recovery and recycling processes.

As global movements turn consumers away from single-use items, container deposit schemes provide a sustainable, government-legislated mechanism for recycling single-use beverage containers to enter a circular economy.

Global container refund and return schemes

Container deposit schemes are known as ‘bottle deposit schemes’, ‘deposit refund or return systems’ (DRS), or ‘bottle bills’, and are generally underpinned by legislation.

Container deposit schemes operate through the addition of a small deposit on the price of a beverage. In most instances, these are beverages consumed away from the home and are considered to be ‘single use.’ The deposit paid by the consumer is refunded when the empty drink container is returned. In Australia the deposit is 10 cents.

In December 2017, the United Nations Environment Agency encouraged all countries globally to implement container deposit schemes.

The Single-Use Plastics Directive adopted in 2019 by the Council of the European Union has set a goal for member states to collect 90% of all plastic bottles by 2029, with an interim goal of 77% by 2025, through initiatives such as container deposit schemes.

Return and Earn

Return and Earn is a modern, convenient and accessible example of a container deposit scheme. Backed by legislation, Return and Earn was designed and developed by the NSW EPA to reduce drinks container litter across NSW.

The success of the scheme is due to a strong framework of government and industry partnership regulated by the NSW Environmental Protection Agency, administered by the Scheme Coordinator, Exchange for Change, and delivered by network operator TOMRA Cleanaway.

Starting in December 2017, Return and Earn is the biggest litter reduction initiative ever introduced in Australia. With a goal of a 40% reduction in drink container waste in the litter stream by 2020, Return and Earn has delivered outstanding achievements in a very short time.

In just over 5 years, the milestones achieved by the Return and Earn container deposit scheme are impressive. Over 10 billion containers returned, a 75% participation rate by the community, a 75% container redemption rate for Jan–June 2020, and over 500,000 tonnes of commodity recycled demonstrate the considerable support from the people of NSW for the scheme and the accessibility and convenience of the TOMRA Cleanaway network of return points.

Read about the Return and Earn NSW recycling success story, or view the NSW 2019-2020 Return and Earn: Annual Statutory Report

Visit Return and Earn for more information.

The ANZPAC Plastics Pact

TOMRA Cleanaway is proud to be a member of the ANZPAC Plastics Pact.

As a leader in container deposit scheme network operation, we are committed to contributing to achieving the ANZPAC Regional Plastics Targets by 2025, and we welcome engagement to identify and deliver solutions for plastics, share knowledge and collaborate.