Who we are


Driving value through recycling

TOMRA Cleanaway is a joint venture partnership between TOMRA, a global leader in sorting technology, and Cleanaway, Australia’s largest waste and resource recovery company. TOMRA Cleanaway is an Australian industry leader in the delivery of container deposit scheme networks.

Our shareholders’ mission is leading the resource recovery revolution and making a sustainable future possible resulting in TOMRA Cleanaway deriving value through recycling.

TOMRA Cleanaway leads the way in premier container deposit scheme operation and commodity management. TOMRA Cleanaway is governed through TOMRA Collections Solutions Australia, Cleanaway Waste Management, and our shareholders.

Formed in 2017 to deliver the NSW container deposit scheme as the government-appointed network operator for Return and Earn, TOMRA Cleanaway has provided a modern, convenient and accessible container deposit scheme for the 8 million citizens of NSW.

TOMRA Cleanaway is governed through board members appointed from TOMRA and Cleanaway. Our Board holds a combined wealth of diverse experience in waste and resource recovery management and container deposit market management.

Our Board guides the strategic direction and overall governance of TOMRA Cleanaway and works closely with the executive team to achieve network excellence. We take pride in the value we deliver making the most of our combined experience.


Who is TOMRA?

TOMRA Collections was founded in 1972 and is a leading innovator in the circular economy and Clean Loop Recycling. It was founded on the invention of the world’s first reverse vending machine (RVM).

The TOMRA system has machines, digital solutions, and services to make recycling easy for the industry, system owners, retailers and consumers.

With over 80,000 installations across more than 60 markets, TOMRA’s RVMs capture over 40 billion used beverage containers every year – reducing reliance on raw materials and ensuring fewer containers end up in landfills, oceans, and streets.

Visit TOMRA Collections Solutions Australia.


Who is Cleanaway?

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is Australia’s leading total waste management, industrial and environmental services company.

Cleanaway has supported Australian businesses for over 50 years, delivering solutions that offer extraordinary benefits for their customers and communities.

In 2018 Cleanaway expanded, increasing to over 6,000 expert staff and a fleet of almost 4,500 specialist vehicles across more than 260 locations around Australia.

Cleanaway is Australia’s largest waste, recycling, industrial, and liquids service provider with a substantial network of state-of-the-art facilities, transfer stations, engineered landfills, liquid treatment plants and refineries.

Visit Cleanaway Waste Management.


Our board

Our Board members have a wealth of experience in waste and resource recovery management and container deposit market management from across the globe.

Our Board guides the strategic direction and overall governance of TOMRA Cleanaway. It works closely with the executive team to achieve network excellence and value to all our stakeholders, our community, customers, and our suppliers.

We take pride in the value we deliver, taking advantage of our combined experience.

Tracey Boyes
Chair & Director

Tor Eirik Knutsen

Frank Lintvelt

Markus Fraval


Our executive team

Our executive team’s experience includes logistics, resource recovery, waste, education, engagement, customer service, marketing, finance, and contract administration.

TOMRA Cleanaway manages Australia’s largest container deposit market, the NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme. In April 2023, TOMRA Cleanaway was appointed as the West Zone network operator for the Victorian container deposit scheme CDS Vic.

Our executive team works closely with government, business and the community to ensure a world-class container deposit scheme is delivered.

Guiding the team is TOMRA Cleanaway’s organisational mission to deliver value through recycling.

James Dorney

Michelle Mandl
GM Communications,
Customer & Engagement

David Hill
Financial Director

Vesna Davidovic
General Manager NSW

Tony Catania
General Manager VIC

Our executive team are driven by our guiding principles:

Caring for our community
Our community is at the core of our success. We are committed to enabling all members of the community to participate by making use of our container deposit networks, and at the same time, creating opportunities to support local causes and fund community events.

Making it easy
We provide accessible return points for the community. Whether it’s one container or 1000, we take them all. With the diversity in network capabilities, we can meet the needs of our communities across metro and regional Australia.

Doing what we say
We’re committed to transparency and the delivery of a reliable container refund network through real-time data.  Transparency in our operations sets us apart from our competitors.