Our Customer Charter

As the premier network operator for Container Deposit Scheme’s in Australia, TOMRA Cleanaway is committed to providing community access to collection points for all citizens.

Our primary customers are those citizens that choose to engage with the Container Deposit Scheme’s in which we operate; collection point operators; and government officials responsible for contract management.

The customers that choose to engage are individuals, or collective groups, that return eligible containers to collection points including Reverse Vending Machines, Over The Counter, Automated Depots and Reverse Vending Centres.

Collection point operators (Reverse Vending Machines/ Centre hosts, Over The Counter operators and Automated Depot operators) provide community access to our integrated network of return points and have a contractual agreement with TOMRA Cleanaway.


Our Charter is designed to provide a framework and service promise to our customers that ensures a positive customer experience. Through use of our Charter, our Staff will be guided to deliver positive customer experiences through clear expectations of our operational scope and purpose. As the premier Network Operator for Australian Container Deposit Scheme’s, TOMRA Cleanaway are committed to ensuring our customers receive a positive experience whilst engaging with our collection point network.

Our Customer Principles

Caring for our community
Our community is at the core of our success. We are committed to enabling all members of the community to participate by making use of our container deposit networks, and at the same time, creating opportunities to support local causes and fund community events.

Making it easy
We provide accessible return points for the community. Whether it’s one container or 1000, we take them all. With the diversity in network capabilities, we can meet the needs of our communities across metro and regional Australia.

Doing what we say
We’re committed to transparency and the delivery of a reliable container refund network through real-time data.  Transparency in our operations sets us apart from our competitors.

Our commitment to our Customers

Our commitment is to ensure community access across our networks by providing:

  • Easy, safe and clean access to collection points (Reverse Vending Machines, Over The Counter collection points or Automated Depots or Reverse Vending Centres)
  • Accurate and effective refund and voucher processes
  • Quick resolution of queries and complaints through our TOMRA Cleanaway Customer Service Centre
  • Ensuring collection point operators compliance with standards and processes
  • Environmentally sound recycling of all material collected through the network

Our commitment to Collection Point Operators

Our commitment to our collection point operators is to enable and support them to deliver on their contractual role as a collection point for the network and optimise the opportunity for their business and the community.

We commit to:

  • Effective operational set up, training and onboarding
  • Providing the necessary tools, collateral and return point assets
  • Completing all collection services in line with agreed schedules
  • Meeting scheduled financial reimbursement requirements and all network operator compliance standards
  • Providing account management and customer service support
  • Quick resolution of queries and complaints through our TOMRA Cleanaway Customer Service Centre
  • Maintaining regular communication to the overall return point operator network for information, training, and development
  • Account management and partnership touchpoints available throughout regular business hours.

Your feedback

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service to you. Contact us if you have any concerns about your involvement in the Scheme, or if you have ideas for how we can improve.

We aim to resolve any Scheme queries we receive within 48 hours. If the query cannot be resolved in this time, we will discuss this with you and work together to resolve as soon as possible.

Contact us

Our Customer Service Team is available by telephone during operating hours of 7am to 10pm, 7 days per week (except Good Friday and Christmas Day).

We aim to answer your enquiries promptly and professionally and to provide follow-up call or email within 24 hours.

Phone: 1800 290 691

Email enquiries@tomracleanaway.com.au

Alternatively, please contact us online.