The Doyalson-Wyee RSL Club has achieved “staggering” results for the local community and environment by hosting a Return and Earn machine in their carpark. The Return and Earn Machine was installed five years ago, providing the Central Coast Council community with a convenient local return point to gain 10 cent refunds on any eligible drink bottle, can or carton.

Doyalson-Wyee RSL CEO, Darren Thornton said, that installing the machine was an easy decision that demonstrated the Club’s sense of responsibility and commitment to sustainability.

Return and Earn’s positive environmental impact

The Doylo’s Return and Earn machine has collected and recycled over 26 million containers from the local community in the area since installed. This impressive volume is the equivalent of saving 272 years of household energy, keeping 1154 cars of the road for a year and exceptional water savings equivalent to 61 Olympic swimming pools!

Thornton said the impact has been significant.

“This recycling process impact equated to 262,348 trees being planted and 174,852,650kg of carbon emissions avoided,” he said.

“The scheme also returned $2 million in refunds back into the community.”

2million dollars refunded to community

Convenient for the Central Coast Community

The Doyalson-Wyee RSL site was chosen by TOMRA Cleanaway, Network Operator for Return and Earn, to meet community needs. The Reverse Vending Machine is conveniently located in the RSL’ Clubs carpark, allowing the community to conveniently pull up and return their containers to earn their 10 cent refund.

Doyalson-Wyee RSL acknowledged that their motivation for hosting the Return and Earn machine was sustainability minded, to take action to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint.

Chief Commerical Officer Brett Elliss said it was all about designing a better future with a responsible and ethical approach. Aiming to look at the big picture and the club’s responsibility to the community, region, country and world to leave it a better place.

“With this purpose as the driver for our business, the time to act and commit is now,” he said.


About TOMRA Cleanaway and Return and Earn

You can learn more about Return and Earn and find your local return point at

TOMRA Cleanaway is proud to support local communities across NSW through Return and Earn.

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