Our Executive Team

Our executive team’s experience includes; logistics, resource recovery, waste, education, engagement, customer service, marketing, finance, and contracts administration.

TOMRA Cleanaway manages the largest container deposit market in Australia, the NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme.

Our executive team works closely with government and business stakeholders and the community to ensure a ‘world class’ container deposit scheme is delivered.

Guiding the team is TOMRA Cleanaway’s organisational mission to deliver value through recycling.

More than this, the executive team are driven by our guiding principles:

Community - Caring For Country Together


Our community is at the core of our success. We are committed to enabling all members of the community to participate by making use of our container deposit networks, and at the same time, creating opportunities to support local causes and fund community events.

Opportunities - Caring For Country Together


We provide accessible return points for the community. Whether it’s one container or 1000, we take them all. With the diversity in network capabilities, we can meet the needs of our communities across metro and regional Australia.

Governance - Caring For Country Together


We’re committed to transparency and the delivery of a reliable container refund network through real-time data.  Transparency in our operations sets us apart from our competitors.

James Dorney

James Dorney

Chief Executive Officer

Michelle Mandl-Keating

Michelle Mandl-Keating

Comms & Engagement Mgr

David Hill

David Hill

Financial Director

Vesna Davidovic

Vesna Davidovic

Development & Compliance Mgr

James Dorney - CEO

James Dorney – CEO

An experienced senior executive, James has been involved in global transport and supply chain operations for much of his career. Before joining TOMRA Cleanaway, James was CEO of Autocare Services and previously, General Manager of Patrick Port Logistics.

At TOMRA Cleanaway, James oversees all aspects of our operation, from a contract management and supplier engagement to the daily operational rhythms involving our shareholders.

Michelle Mandl-Keating – Communications & Engagement Manager

Michelle Mandl-Keating – Communications & Engagement Manager

Michelle’s 20 year career in waste, resource recovery, and sustainability began with the NSW government. Michelle takes pride in being a change maker and is focused on stakeholder engagement that delivers behaviour change at scale.

Commencing with TOMRA Cleanaway in 2017 to focus on Communications and Engagement Management, Michelle is responsible for cross-functional activities, including customer service, marketing, communication, and stakeholder engagement.

David Hill – Financial Controller

David Hill – Financial Director

Having worked in several joint venture environments, David brings a broad range of skills covering stakeholder management, legal contracting, company secretarial matters, strategic principles, and financial reporting to the TOMRA Cleanaway joint venture.

David has more than 15 years’ experience as a senior financial executive operating in large corporate environments for global organisations and developing SMME’s in the automotive and related financial services sector before relocating to Australia in 2017.

Vesna Davidovic – Network Development & Compliance Manager

Vesna Davidovic – Network Development & Compliance Manager


An experienced member of the leadership team, Vesna is responsible for initiating, leading, and directing JV impact assessments and compliance activities to ensure community access targets are met in line with contractual requirements.

Vesna is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the JV systems and operating environment and plays a key role in managing complex strategic program elements that require sustained leadership and negotiating solutions across organizational boundaries. Vesna is also responsible for account managers and audit and compliance functions.