The Southern Grampians Shire Council residents have enthusiastically supported Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic since the scheme was launched on 1 November last year by Victorian Environment Minister, Steve Dimopoulos.


“More than half a million containers in 50 days of operation is a clear demonstration of the environmental enthusiasm of Southern Grampians Shire Council residents.”

TOMRA Cleanaway’s Victorian GM, Tony Catania commended Shire residents for their efforts.

OVER half a million containers have been recycled in just 50 short days in the Southern Grampians Shire Council area. The new Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), located at the Hamilton Bowling Club and Coleraine IGA have already generated $50,000 in drink container refunds for locals and local charities since Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic began on November 1.

Hamilton Bowling Club member and local initiator, Russell Sherren, said the machine has been “fantastic for the community”.

CDS Vic participants are able to choose whether their 10c eligible drink container refunds go back to their pocket, favourite sporting club, or charity.

430,000 of the containers were recycled at the Hamilton Bowls Club machine, and the club itself has been able to raise $ 1,900 for improvements to their community facilities!

“That’s a fair bit of money going back, it is money a lot of people did not have before and it is pretty handy this end of the year,” Mr Sherren said.

“We had a target of $2000 and we are nearly there for this year.

“We are doing up our new green and the surroundings, we want to do some new painting and the ladies want to do some new plants.”

Funds raised by hosting the RVM is supporting the Club

The Southern Grampians community have been considerable supporters of the facility, the CDS Vic RVM has had demand outstripping capacity.

Especially at the start of Victoria’s container deposit scheme, the RVM and the Bowling Club carpark were both full several times a day with enthusiastic customers visiting.

“In the first few weeks we had trailer after trailer but we’ve noticed it has started to settle down.” Mr Sherren said the bins were initially filled to capacity three times a day, though they’re now only needing to be emptied twice.

A spokesperson for TOMRA Cleanaway, the company responsible for CDS collection in the state’s west, told The Spectator they are “always reviewing” their refund point network.

“As consumer demand for additional refund collection points increases across the West Zone, we will explore additional opportunities,” they said.

We are driven to provide a convenient and accessible refund collection point network.”


Mr Sherren commented on the partnership with TOMRA Cleanaway and noted whilst there have been a “couple hiccups”,  TOMRA Cleanaway has been “quick to act”.

“The machine every now and then plays up because it has very modem mechanics the cameras get knocked and it goes offline but they are pretty quick to fix it,” he said.

“They have looked after us pretty well too. It has been a great success, and an ongoing success. It is not like it is going to be over in a month, people arc going to be able to use it all the time.”

There is a CDS Vic West Zone app available, which lets people see how full their closest bin is and choose where their money is going – to a community group, charity, or your own pocket.

In just the first month, Victorians returned over 50 million containers, and to date, TOMRA Cleanaway’s West Zone operation has collected more than 36 million containers, putting $3.6 million back into pockets.

“As of December 20, 485 charities, community groups, and organisations have registered as CDS Vic Donation Partners with TOMRA Cleanaway in the West Zone of CDS Vic, with some campaigns having raised over $1,000,” a TOMRA Cleanaway spokesperson said.

“TOMRA Cleanaway has also chosen to exclusively partner with charity and social enterprise organisations to operate our larger format depot refund points, which provides additional employment opportunities and income for these organisations.”

The depot network in the West Zone can been viewed on the CDS Vic West Zone app, or on the CDS Vic website interactive map of locations.

If you are interested in hosting a CDS Vic West Zone refund point, please contact us.

This article first appeared in The Spectator.