Horsham CDS Vic Milestone Blitzed!

Horsham’s new TOMRA Cleanaway CDS Vic Depot operated by Horsham Disability Employer, Axis Worx, on Golf Course Road has dwarfed expectations.

Since the Victorian Government introduced the Container Deposit Scheme in November, the annual target was surpassed in a matter of weeks.

TOMRA Cleanaway’s Victorian GM, Tony Catania said that the business had estimated collection of one million containers in Horsham’s first year of operation, “That figure had been smashed in five weeks,” he said.

“More than 1.2 million containers have been deposited for recycling since it began its operations on November 1, 2023.”


AXIS Manager Colin Barnett said he believes targets will keep falling, and that’s good news for the AXIS, the environment and the community with cash returning to the pockets of families and clubs.

Welcome to the CDS Vic West Zone Network

The official opening of the new TOMRA Cleanaway Depot was held on Thursday, December 14, at the 134 Golf Course Road, Horsham,

Horsham Rural City Council Mayor Cr Robyn Gulline, AXIS Worx and TOMRA Cleanaway- West Zone network operator for Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic, attended.

Horsham Rural City Council Mayor Robyn Gullina & Tony Catania

The partnership between AXIS Worx and TOMRA Cleanaway has created a viable business environment with an environmental focus.

Dadswell Bridge resident John Bartlett deposited his second load of cans for recycling on December 14, making about 10,000 cans deposited in a week.

He’d been collecting cans since before the pandemic in 2020.

“Our family is committed to recycling, and so I began collecting them from the extended family; I had storage space and was just waiting for somewhere to deposit them,” he said.

“I think this is a great facility, and I’ll keep collecting and depositing them here.”

Partnership with CDS Vic West Zone

TOMRA Cleanaway’s role as network operator for the West Zone includes funding the machinery that recycles the containers.

AXIS Worx funded the conveyor system, which takes the containers into bins for transport to the crushing and recycling plants.

Mr Catania from TOMRA Cleanaway said the project had shown great promise in the weeks since it began operating, showing the interest and support of the community. “That’s $100,000 that has returned to the community to individuals, families, clubs, and organisations,” he said.

“It has added employment opportunities for community members.”

Rachel an employee of AXIS Worx for eight years and Wesley an employee for 20 years have both worked on the recycling system since it was installed on 1 November 2023 and are excited and proud to be part of such an important community project, they said.

The TOMRA Cleanaway CDS Vic Depot network, like the Horsham site is based on partnership with charities and not-for-profit organisations like AXIS Worx. A further 12 facilities have been established throughout Victoria, including one which employs people recently released from prison with a focus on jobs for females.

The bulk container counting technology installed at the facility reads the barcodes and sorts plastics and glass eligible drink containers from aluminium cans.

The PET containers are recycled at two plastics processing facilities, including the newly opened PET facility in Altona.

“The aluminium is recycled in South Korea,” he said.

AXIS Worx employees operating CDS Vic Depot sorting machine

This article first appeared in The Wimmera Mail-Times


About CDS Vic Horsham Depot

The CDS Vic Depot Horsham is located at 134 Golf Course Rd, Horsham VIC 3400 is open Tuesday to Friday from 9.00am to 3.00pm, and Saturday 8.00am to 4.00pm and closed Sunday and Monday.

For more information about the CDS Vic Horsham Depot, visit here.

About the CDS Vic West Zone

TOMRA Cleanaway, ‘West Zone’ Network Operator for CDS Vic, has rolled out a network of over 140 refund points to provide an accessible and convenient way for Victoria’s in the west to ‘make their change’ with CDS Vic. The West Zone community has already enthusiastically embraced CDS Vic and the convenient network being delivered and have refunded more than 31.5 million eligible drink containers since Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme began.

With various CDS Vic depots already operational across the west zone and more on the way, TOMRA Cleanaway is proud to have exclusively partnered with social enterprises and charity organisations to operate the bulk depots across the West Zone.

About TOMRA Cleanaway’s commitment to Reconciliation

TOMRA Cleanaway’s commitment to ‘caring for Country together’ is a sentiment that permeates all of our operations as we work towards celebration of a reconciled Australia. More information on our Reconciliation Action Plan and activities here, https://tomracleanaway.com.au/corporate/what-we-do/#reconciliation-action-plan.