Inside Waste – Claire Moffat

The response to Victoria’s proposed CDS model has been strong with the WARR industry united in its support.

Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA) CEO Peter Anderson told Inside Waste that the industry welcomed the opportunity to work closely with the Victorian Government to build this new recycling program.

“Drink cans and bottles make up almost half of all the litter in Victoria,” Anderson said.

“A CDS would significantly reduce this litter and help ensure a clean stream of recyclable materials can be re-used in new products instead of going to landfill or polluting the environment and harming our wildlife.

“Further, the waste recycling industry welcomes the opportunity to create a diverse range of collection points, including reverse vending machines, drive through depots, over the counter in shops and pop up collection points at events and festivals.”

He added that the CDS design includes a separate scheme co-ordinator and network operator, ensuring transparency and accountability.

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