Farewell 2023 and Many Happy Returns for 2024!

“Achievement cannot be celebrated in isolation and nothing could have been achieved without the support, enthusiasm and involvement of our expanded TOMRA Cleanaway Team.

In 2023, our Team Awards demonstrated the passion with which our employees have for our services, but especially the community which we support.

Our pursuit to ‘drive value through recycling’ is underpinned by our organisational vision to ‘create a positive legacy in the jurisdictions we operate’ – 2023 demonstrated we had achieved this and more.”

James Dorney, CEO TOMRA Cleanaway


TOMRA Cleanaway has been able to celebrate many highlights, new milestones and organisational achievements in 2023! 

We were welcomed into Victoria’s CDS Vic West Zone!

Our appointment by the Victorian Government as one of the network operators for Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic , saw after many months of planning the TOMRA Cleanaway west zone land the first RVM in the Victoria at Buninyong! An occasion that was celebrated with the then Victorian Environment Minister, Ingrid Stitt  at a launch event.

Former VIC Environment Minister Ingrid Stitt with Head of Recycling Victoria, Tony Circelli, James Dorney CEO TOMRA Cleanaway & Jim Round CEO VicReturn

Our network of refund collection points in Victoria included social enterprise and charity partnerships for our bulk container processing network – our depots.

We have been able to hold the most incredible launch events at some of these locations, integrating our commitments to Reconciliation at each occasion.

Events at Williamstown and Breakwater were attended Victorian Parliamentary Ministers. In addition to this at every occasion, Members of Parliament and local Council representatives attended these celebrations. The attendance of VIP’s at these opening events, endorsed the value the collection point network delivers to local communities.


Charity & Social Enterprise Partnership Focus

Our Depot Network includes social enterprises and charities, this includes;




With additional depots still in the pipeline that will be operated early in 2024.

In addition to the depots, there are more than 130 additional refund collection points that are hosted across the West Zone. Partnerships with businesses, councils and community groups ensure we deliver the best possible network in the West Zone. RVMs, Depots and Over-the-Counter refund collection points are placed to deliver a convenient, accessible and technology based network for the region.

The proof of our success to date is demonstrated by the 45 million eligible drink containers recycled by the West Zone community! A quantity achieved in 9 short weeks when CDS Vic commenced on 1 November 2023.

We’re thrilled with our successes in Victoria so far and ahead in 2024 there will be even more to celebrate.

In NSW we collected 2 Billion containers and counting!

Return and Earn collections for TOMRA Cleanaway achieved a new milestone in the 2023 calendar year.

A whopping 2 billion eligible drink containers were collected and processed by TOMRA Cleanaway by mid December 2023. At the same time our logistics Team were collecting an average of 8 million drink containers each day!

This incredible achievement was delivered by our team who on 1 December 2023 celebrated 6 years of Return and Earn operation.

We are so proud of our service in New South Wales, as the sole network operator for the state, we measure our success against year on year performance – and 2023 was a successful year indeed!

New technology and new format collection points delivered

Lucy Rebhan from TOMRA Cleanaway and Albury City Council Mayor King at one of the new technology machines

Throughout the year we worked closely with our technology partner, TOMRA Collections Australia to deliver new technology and collection point formats to both the NSW and Victorian container deposit schemes.

This includes modern format ‘takes all’ machines that do not require customer sorting of lightweight containers from glass containers. The intended outcome of this is higher levels of machine capacity. We have been working on upgrading identified locations across NSW that benefit from the technology upgrade.

Return and Earn Express comes to Crow’s Nest!


Additionally, new format express collection points and smaller footprint reverse vending machines were introduced in our collection point networks. These complementary sites offer an opportunity to create drink container collection where there have previously been challenges placing collection technology.



Thank you for your support!

We cannot reflect on our 2023 achievements without acknowledging the considerable support of our partner return point operators in NSW and Victoria. Every partner provides an invaluable service to the communities they serve.

Little would be achieved without our shareholders TOMRA and Cleanaway, our valued partners at Exchange for Change and the NSW EPA, who form the formal tripartite arrangement delivering Return and Earn in NSW.

As the CDS Vic West Zone operation we deliver continues to build and improve, we’re thankful for a collaborative and supportive working relationship with Recycling Victoria and CDS Vic Scheme Coordinator, VicReturn

Finally, achievement cannot be celebrated in isolation! Nothing could have been achieved without the support, enthusiasm and involvement of our expanded TOMRA Cleanaway Team.

The passion our employees have for our services, but especially the community which we support is instrumental in our success. Our pursuit to ‘drive value through recycling’ is underpinned by our organisational vision to ‘create a positive legacy in the jurisdictions we operate’. 2023 demonstrated we had achieved this and more.

As the premier network operator of container deposit schemes in Australia, we are inspired and motivated to continue to deliver continuous improvement and opportunity for the most convenient and accessible container deposit network possible. We remain focused and passionate about providing considerable social, environmental and economic benefits for Return and Earn and CDS Vic’s West Zone in the year ahead.

On behalf of all of us at TOMRA Cleanaway, please accept our best regards and wishes for a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous year ahead in 2024 – with many happy returns! 

Cheers and Many Happy Returns Ahead for 2024 from all of us at TOMRA Cleanaway!