Lucy TOMRA Cleanaway Southern NSW account manager

As Australia’s leading Container Deposit Scheme Network Operator, TOMRA Cleanaway understands the importance of our team. Core to our network growth and success is our team of Account Managers who support our third party contracted operators of depots and over the counter collection points.

In NSW, Lucy Rebhan is our Southern Regional Account Manager. Lucy’s territory is vast, covering thousands of kilometres of the state, from the Victorian border up to beautiful Broken Hill, Wilcannia and through to the majestic Snowy Mountains and stunning South Coast.

Lucy said, “I feel very lucky that I get to experience each of the differing areas and explore the region I live in.”

Officially joining the TOMRA Cleanaway team in November 2022, Lucy’s previous role saw her involved in the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn since 2019.

“My previous job was at Corowa Return and Earn Depot, which initially started as an over the counter collection point. This has allowed me to gain unique, in-depth knowledge of the communities we help and understand the scheme from different points of view.”

With such a vast region to cover, Lucy is often on the road, ensuring she is providing consistent support to depot and over the counter operators in remote and regional NSW.

Exploring NSW on a road trip

Baby emu crossing the road

“One of my favourite parts of my job is driving. There are often vast areas of land and bush that is frequented by a variety of wildlife including, emus, eagles, kangaroos and goats, hundreds of them! A couple of times I have been lucky enough to see baby emus crossing the road. I can confirm they are incredibly cute!”

When Lucy is out on the road, her trips will last 2 to 5 days, depending on the distance she covers.

“I will typically start at 7am, visiting 3 to 5 different over the counter or depot sites. I visit to conduct a site inspection, making sure that the operator is following the procedures set out by TOMRA Cleanaway. I also provide a range of support including ensuring the operators have all the materials they need to run their collection point and discuss any issues that they may have, providing real solutions to resolve them.”

A passion for community spirit

For Lucy, the operators of TOMRA Cleanaway’s collection points are certainly a highlight of her job, “The operators I look after are lovely, welcoming people and some of them I have gotten to know very well over my time with TOMRA Cleanaway. It is always enjoyable turning up to their sites and being greeted with a warm welcome, hearing how they are going with the scheme but also in their personal lives too.”

“Once I have reached my last destination for the day, I make sure I explore the town and see its features. I love to explore and see people going about their daily routines. NSW, particularly the South, is a beautiful place to explore by car and I’m lucky enough to have a role that permits me to see it all.”

A drive for sustainability

Like many of the TOMRA Cleanaway team, being a part of a sustainable future is a key driver for Lucy.

“I love being part of the future of sustainability and enjoy educating others about the scheme, whether its new people I meet or friends and family, and its meaningful impact it has on our environment.”


Thanks Lucy for your passion for your job and the NSW community, for your unique perspective and care for the operators you work with, we appreciate you.

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