This National Reconciliation Week, we took the opportunity to look back at our commitments delivered through our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) over the prior two years. Our RAP has been delivered by our Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group, with strong engagements from our Teams across New South Wales delivering Return and Earn, and Teams across Victoria, delivering Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme CDS Vic.

Our Reflect RAP was focused on identification and expansion of our areas of influence across three key pillars;

  •  Respect
  • Relationships
  • Opportunities

Overarching governance of our RAP delivery was monitored through an effective Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group.

TOMRA Cleanaway Reconciliation Action Plan

Central Pillar of our RAP Artwork – TOMRA Cleanaway

Caring for Country Together

One of the foundational activities our RAP Working Group ensured that we created early, was our Reconciliation Artwork. ‘Caring for Country Together’ was developed by artist Rhonda Sampson as a signal of TOMRA Cleanaway’s Reconciliation intentions.

TOMRA Cleanaway General Manager, Michelle Mandl commented on the artwork development, “The development of, ‘Caring for Country Together’, was a  really unifying experience for all of us,” said Michelle. 

“Our artwork helped assist us set our intentions with Reconciliation early, and aided us to develop a truly meaningful Reconciliation Action Plan.

The central symbol in the artwork is TOMRA Cleanaway – taking for symbolism that highlights the togetherness of our shareholders, TOMRA and Cleanaway.

Every element of the artwork surrounding this central symbol is meaningful, the community, our partners, and even wildlife in the image of a turtle is represented.”

TOMRA Cleanaway Acknowledges

‘Now more than ever’ is the 2024 theme for National Reconciliation Week.

Across New South Wales and Victoria, we were pleased to hear from leaders in First Nations Peoples engagement.

Our first guest speaker was Anne Prince – Founder of Waste Aid Australia. Anne has been a strong long-time advocate for improving the circumstances of First Nations and Aboriginal Peoples across Australia. Through her consultancy career, Anne noted in many remote Aboriginal communities basic waste collection services were unavailable. Founding Waste Aid Australia was Anne’s effort to enable public health improvements for the community living locally. With considerable backing from the waste and resource recovery industry

Our second guest speaker was Jessica Spencer, Regional Environmental Health Project Officer – Dubbo Aboriginal Environmental Health Unit. Jessica has a long history developing and delivering environmental health initiatives in regional and rural New South Wales, and has previously worked alongside TOMRA Cleanaway in the establishment of a return point in Wilcannia in the Central Darling Shire. Speaking to us about her experience and learnings from working with Aboriginal Communities in NSW, Jessica was able to show the very real connection between access to waste management services and critical public health outcomes in regional and discreet Aboriginal communities, stressing the importance of equitable access to basic waste services for all.

We’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Anne and Jessica for taking the time to share their knowledge and experience with our us. The stories and learnings shared have made a considerable impact on the Team, and have further highlighted the importance of why reconciliation is so crucial in Australia.

The TOMRA Cleanaway team in NSW and Victoria met with speakers Anne Prince and Jessica Spencer online for our 2024 National Reconciliation Week gathering.

‘Caring for Country Together’, Rhonda Sampson