TOMRA Cleanaway Celebrates National Recycling Week 2020 with 4.5 billion containers returned through the Return and Earn Container Deposit Scheme

National Recycling Week 2020’s theme was ‘Recovery – A future beyond the bin’. Commencing on 9 November, the week-long celebration of recycling, education and awareness-raising enabled TOMRA Cleanaway a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of container deposit schemes in the wider waste and resource recovery industry.

On Wednesday 11 November, during National Recycling Week, the NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme was able to celebrate a significant milestone by collecting 4.5 billion containers since the commencement of the scheme in 2017.

To celebrate the milestone, a short clip was released by TOMRA Cleanaway that showcases the industrial ecosystem that exists at the central hub for Return and Earn container sorting at the Cleanaway Eastern Creek Container Sorting Centre – a bespoke facility delivered just to containers from the NSW scheme.

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