Earning money from Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme, CDS Vic, is now easier for residents in Point Cook with another new refund point now open in the suburb.

A reverse vending machine has been installed at The Brook Hotel at 215 Sneydes Road Point Cook, the third in the Point Cook area and the 15th in Wyndham since CDS Vic commenced on 1 November 2023.

James Dorney, TOMRA Cleanaway CEO, expects the new Point Cook vending machine to prove as popular as the other locations,

“Our machines are quick, convenient, and automated, and able to be seamlessly integrated into retail and community locations.”

“The community has shown that when provided with a convenient, accessible, and technology-based container deposit scheme network, they will get involved.”

This new refund point is situated in the carpark next to The Brook Hotel, and allows locals to deposit their empty eligible bottles, cartons and cans there and receive 10 cents in return.

The new CDS Vic reverse vending machine at The Brook in Point Cook.

Wyndham Groups Making Change with CDS Vic

Numerous sporting clubs and community groups in Wyndham, including Point Cook Football Club, Wydnham West SES, Wyndham Victory Netball Club and Wydnham Yacht Club, are already using the CDS Vic West Zone app as a fundraising tool.

Charities, organisations and community groups interested in fundraising through CDS Vic are encouraged to register with CDS Vic to obtain their donation partner ID. Once fully set up and registered with the relevant Zone Operators, groups can engage their supporters to donate their refund or containers to help them reach their fundraising goals!

CDS Vic in the City of Wyndham

In the City of Wyndham, there are now a variety of reverse vending machines that locals can use to return their eligible containers and make their change with CDS Vic, including:

This article originally appeared in the Wyndham Star Weekly

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