Site visits are standard business practice for TOMRA Cleanaway’s container deposit scheme operations teams. Building engagement, partnership with landlord, hosts and our community and ensuring compliance with contractual requirements – these site visits provide a multitude of positive outcomes.

Recently our Chief Executive Officer – James Dorney, Victorian General Manager – Tony Catania, Network Development & Compliance Manager- Anna Wells and one of our Board Directors and TOMRA Collections Asia Pacific President – Tor Eirik Knutsen set about visiting as many regional Victorian CDS Vic West Zone locations as they could in three days!

Why conduct check ins?

Anna Wells and Tor Eirik Knutsen with the host of the Stand Alone RVM at the Lake Wallace Hotel in Edenhope

TOMRA Cleanaway is responsible for a considerable portion of regional Victoria through our CDS Vic West Zone operation and our executives maintaining a direct line into the sites we host and open communication with our host partners is of critical importance.

The TOMRA Cleanaway CDS Vic West Zone geography includes many unique communities and townships across 20 local government areas. Delivering and continually improving our diverse container refund point network, supporting complex logistics and operations and ensuring we provide an exemplary customer facing refund collection points is a considerable task.

TOMRA Cleanaway’s services for our CDS Vic West Zone operations require a large team. Our employees include roles such as account managers, collections vehicles drivers, refund collection point operators, field site attendants, cleaners, technicians, customer service staff, administration and accounts payable – more than 200 employees are responsible for providing a consistent and convenient customer experience across the West Zone of Victoria!

The Cooinda Industries Team with the SA RVM at Terang

‘Check ins’ are an organisational commitment to our refund point operators and their customers, ensuring our service delivery is on point and consistency of experience is provided, but as important is fostering a sense of connection and community between TOMRA Cleanaway and our hosted sites.


The opportunity for our partnered refund collection point operator sites to engage directly TOMRA Cleanaway’s executives is an invaluable activity. The visits provide an open line of communication and honest conversations about experiences involved with delivering such a new service. The visits also serve to allow both parties to reconnect, revisit services and identify areas for improvement. It is also a fantastic reason for us to catch up, continuously improve and build great partnerships with hosts.

TOMRA Cleanaway’s model of network operations mean we provide a standardised customer experience for participants of CDS Vic across the West Zone, ensuring technology provided by our partner at TOMRA Collections Australia is the unique container collection mechanism through our Reverse Vending Machines. There is a variety of reverse vending machine formats that has been delivered across the region, large machines, and smaller ‘stand alone’ units.


Executive Network Review

Over 1,200 kilometres was traversed by the Team in just three days, with 26 refund collection points in the CDS Vic West Zone visited. Victoria’s regional area was in the midst of weather warnings and fire dangers at the time, so our Team needed to allocate time carefully.

James Dorney, CEO of TOMRA Cleanaway reflected on the pride felt by visiting the region.

“We have delivered an outstanding technology-based network for CDS Vic West Zone and have partnered with some exceptionally enthusiastic hosts,” said James.

“The volumes of containers being returned by the community of the West Zone is a testament to our achievement of a convenient and accessible, technology-based network for container refunds. Meeting with host organisations like Cooinda Terang, that are providing support services for local people in the need of supported work and seeing first hand their enthusiasm for being involved in CDS Vic is outstanding.”

Being in the regional west of Victoria is quite a distinct change for TOMRA Cleanaway’s Board Director, Tor Eirik Knutsen. Tor Eirik also felt great pride in the services being delivered,

“Across the West Zone for CDS Vic, I have had the pleasure of meeting the fantastic teams involved in delivering of our network. I have heard so many incredible stories involving local job creation, community engagement, economic opportunities and positive environmental outcomes. I am really proud of what we have delivered so far.” 

Sites that were visited during the ‘West Zone Run’ included automated depots and ‘stand alone’ reverse vending machines, that are hosted along side existing businesses such as supermarkets, sporting and recreation clubs, and other community and retail organisations.

For information on TOMRA Cleanaway’s CDS Vic West Zone network, visit here.

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