Recycling Market Development

Quality and quantity of recyclables leads to innovation

With the availability of significant volumes of clean, high-quality recycling feedstock through the TOMRA Cleanaway network of container return points.

The material we collect represents the pinnacle of resource recovery and the commencement of a circular economy journey.

This has enabled downstream local investments to be realised, delivering green-collar jobs and Australians opportunities in the local resource recovery revolution.

Recycling & Market Development

Creating a Circular Economy

Circular Economy Infographic

New $45 million Albury/Wodonga recycling plant to build a domestic circular economy and boost regional jobs

The decision to build the world-class facility in Albury/Wodonga was confirmed yesterday after Pact Group Holdings Ltd, Cleanaway Waste Management Ltd and Asahi Beverages formally entered a joint venture to deliver the project. It will create dozens of direct jobs when construction starts in coming months. read more

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