Mid-Coast Council residents are already enthusiastic users of the scheme, having returned over 155 million containers for recycling since Return and Earn launched in December 2017.

This new return point is the 12th in the Mid-Coast area, providing the local community with even greater ease and convenient access to redeem their eligible bottles and cans for the 10c refund.” – James Dorney | CEO, TOMRA Cleanaway

Users of the Taree Return and Earn machine can print a voucher for the refund amount, redeemable for cash at Woolworths, or opt for an e-voucher or payment directly into their bank account or Paypal by downloading the Return and Earn app.

They can also choose to donate some or all of their refund to a charity partner on the machine or one of the hundreds of charities on the app.

“Return and Earn has become a stalwart of fundraising activities in NSW, with thousands of community groups, schools and charities across the state raising funds through the scheme.

“More than $42 million has been raised for charities and community groups via donations and fees from hosting return points since scheme commencement,” said Mr Dorney.

Great Lakes Women’s Shelter is currently featured as the local donation partner on the Taree machine. The charity provides a safe haven for women and children experiencing homelessness or domestic violence.

More than 9 billion containers have been returned for recycling through the network of over 600 return points across NSW.

“By using this return point, in combination with your household recycling, we can all do our bit to reduce litter and landfill and contribute to a more sustainable future,” said Mr Dorney.

The PCYC Taree Return and Earn machine is located at 95 Commerce Street, Taree and is open from 7am to 7pm daily.

For more information on Return and Earn  , including checking container eligibility or the status of your nearest return point, and to download the Return and Earn app.

This article first appeared in Manning River Times.