Vesna Davidovic is one of TOMRA Cleanaway’s management team members and is consistently leading by example by proactively engaging and learning more about our services and service delivery for the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn.

Recently, Vesna joined a passionate operator from Cleanaway, Michael Clark for a ride-along. The ‘ride along’ is an immersive experience, highlighting the activities our operators conduct daily to keep our network up and running.

Thanks for providing us with a reflection of your experience Vesna.

CDS Truck Ride Along with Mick Clark

After several years with TOMRA Cleanaway, I am still eager to understand the entire process of collections to delivery of container deposit scheme (CDS) materials for NSW’s Return and Earn operations. To support my learning about logistics, I attended the Cleanaway container deposit scheme logistics head office, based out of the Blacktown depot before 5am. My morning kicked off with an observation of the driver pre-start process, then headed out for a day of collections from return points across western Sydney. The day was focused on reverse vending machine (RVM) lightweight servicing and I was paired with Cleanaway (legend) driver Mick “Clarky” Clark.

Spending the day with Mick was a fantastic experience filled with great conversation, knowledge share, feedback, stories about interesting characters using the machines, laughter, and some hard work.

Across the day, we were involved collecting 127 bins from 21 RVM’s across western Sydney then twice tipping off at Cleanaway’s NSW central container counting and sorting centre based at Eastern Creek.

What I enjoyed most about the day was to see Mick’s passion for his job. Mick is proud to be a member of Cleanaway (over 20 years) and proud to be part of metro container deposit scheme operations, which in his own words ‘does more than provide 10 cents, it changes lives and has helped so many people from all walks of life’.

The experience was a reinforcement of Cleanaway’s values and lifesaving rules in action, as Mick took incredible pride in what he was doing, as well as being absolutely committed to the process.

My reflection on the activities that took place includes Mick taking responsibility for activities aside from just the collection of bins at RVM’s. The whole process included;

  • Comprehensive Driver onboarding and toolbox talks at shift commencement.
  • The supervisory team for CDS metro operations is exceptionally organised and has tight processes in place including flexibility in the process allowing supervisors to dispatch or divert drivers and vehicles to RVMs in real-time.
  • Drivers work collaboratively as a team and help each other to service the network of RVM’s in a timely fashion.
  • Drivers responding to site management needs, taking care of the RVM site when required based on presentation expectations.
  • Drivers are able to rectify basic RVM technology requirements if needed and Clarky was able to fix minor issues when visiting sites.
  • The use of exclusion zones during servicing to keep citizens safe was exemplary.

It was a fantastic experience that I am looking forward to repeating in the future. Thanks also to Clarky for allowing me to spend the day on the ride-along.

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