Nepean Return and Earn Depot – Lids For Limbs

Nepean Return and Earn Depot operated by Vinnies is helping create brighter futures for our kids. The Penrith branch has developed a program in the community to collect bottle lids. They have set up a dedicated 12oL collection bins on site for the collection of plastic lids.

All the lids collected will be donated to  Lids4kids. Lids4 is a not-for-profit community initiative that uses 3D printing to turn plastic waste into mechanical hands and arms for kids nationally and internationally.

This is a coordinated project with customers dropping off their containers and the local automatic depot staff then removing the lids ready to be taken to Canberra for the Lids4Kids project.

Nepean Return and Earn Depot operated by Vinnies NSW collect large volumes of lids and donate approximately 25x 120L bins twice a month. The project has been active for over a year and continues to grow.

Zack collecting his way to the big leagues!

15-year-old Zack, a budding boxer from the Hunter region is well known to the boys at the St Vinnies Cardiff depot where he regularly deposits containers. Zack works hard to gather up containers and saves up all his refunds to help fund his training and travels.

Zack currently holds 3 interstate titles, a state champion and a Golden Glove to his name. With the funds collected from the Return and Earn, he was able to travel to Las Vegas thanks to the fundraising through the scheme.

Frank, a local Cardiff hero

Frank, who is known as the local recycling hero, visits Cardiff Bulk Container Deposit Centre every day to drop off eligible containers. 

Frank collects containers from residents across the region who choose not to take advantage of the Return and Earn. He dedicates a few hours a night, five days a week to collect.