TOMRA Cleanaway celebrated a weekend of strong container returns across NSW over the first weekend of December 2020. Reflecting on the volumes through the Return and Earn container deposit scheme network in NSW, TOMRA Cleanaway CEO, James Dorney said, “In summer of 2019/2020, we saw peak volume collections of repeat days of almost 9 million containers through the network of return points for Return and Earn. This summer season we are expecting the community of NSW to similarly embrace Return and Earn with enthusiasm”.

Saturday 5 December saw over 7 million containers returned through the Return and Earn network. TOMRA Cleanaway’s 27 bulk return locations across NSW, known as automated depots were humming on Saturday, with more than 1.7 million containers processed through the locations.

The network of convenient and accessible Reverse Vending Machines across the state-supported a significant stream of container returns throughout opening hours of 7am to 10pm daily. Over the counter, collections continued to take volume through dedicated and community-minded locations and the new format return points,  ‘Reverse Vending Centres’ enabled thousands of returns through indoor, air-conditioned locations.

James Dorney said of the weeks ahead as we move into summer, “We are looking forward to even stronger days of returns from across the NSW container deposit scheme network. We are providing exceptional recycling service for NSW citizens, something TOMRA Cleanaway are extremely proud”.