“Tamworth residents are keen participants in Return and Earn, having returned more than 108 million containers for recycling since the scheme launched in December 2017. The new facility complements the existing 7 return points in the Tamworth region,”

The community of Tamworth local government area will find recycling even easier with the newest automated Return and Earn depot now open in Taminda. The new bulk container processing automated depot is a partnership delivered by TOMRA Cleanaway and operated by the NSW St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies). The new depot has been established to complement the existing TOMRA Cleanaway network for Return and Earn.

January 30 marked opening day for the depot and the NSW Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson was on hand to announce the new Return and Earn facility as operational and said the NSW Government was proud to support Vinnies help raise funds through Return and Earn and continue delivery of their important social and support work.

“One of the most exciting things about return and earn is the ability for organizations to fundraise in a unique, environmentally friendly way,” Mr. Anderson said.

“Vinnies are so important to the most vulnerable in our community, providing that critical line of support when we are most in need.

“Every little bit counts and by providing your recycling donation to Vinnies you are supporting them in their work to rebuild lives every-day. 

“This is a great way to keep our streets tidy while doing your bit to support those who need it most.”

NSW St Vincent de Paul Society Acting Director Commercial Enterprise Jamie Lawrence said the charity was proud to be part of the Tamworth community and look forward to providing locals with an easier way to help the environment and turn their trash into treasure.

The site has been established to provide residents of the Tamworth area the opportunity to return bulk volumes of containers, whether 5 or 5,000 containers; Tamworth Return and Earn will take them all! While any volume of containers can be returned, the automatic sorting and counting machines on site will make it ideal for customers looking to refund more than 500 containers at a time.

More than 8.8 billion drink containers have been returned for recycling through Return and Earn’s network of 600 plus return points across NSW since the scheme launched in 2017.

Tamworth Return and Earn automated depot is located at 4 Macintosh Street, Taminda. Opening hours 8.30am to 3.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Visit Return and Earn for more information.

The article first appeared in the Northern Daily Leader.