Temora Lions Hit Fundraising Milestone

Fundraising through the NSW container deposit scheme, Return and Earn has fast become the bread and butter of many charitable organisations.

Lions Clubs across New South Wales have embraced the container deposit scheme, ensuring involvement in Return and Earn is a regular contributor to club finances.

$100,000 back into Temora

Temora Lions Club recently passed a major recycling and fundraising milestone, with more than 1 million drink bottles and cans recycled by the organisation through Return and Earn, raising over $100,000 to support their important work in the community.

The Lions Club has operated its own commingled recycling depot in Temora for many years, using the proceeds from recycling paper and cardboard to help the local community.

When Return and Earn launched six years ago on 1 December 2017, the club stepped up its bottle and can recycling efforts to take advantage of the 10 cent refund per container. Since then, local community members have been able to donate their container refunds to the club when dropping off their eligible drink containers at the recycling depot.

Temora Lions Club also provide dedicated Return and Earn collection bins to local schools and businesses as well as placing them around town and at local events.

Hard-working Lions Club volunteers then collect and empty the bins and take the eligible drink containers to the local Return and Earn machine at IGA Temora to redeem the refund.

Guy Murphy, Temora Lions Club Secretary commented on the milestone saying,

“We’ve been doing recycling in Temora for years, and when Return and Earn launched, it gave us an opportunity to raise more funds from our efforts. We provide assistance for those who need a helping hand through our local community support such as Temora

Community Centre, Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul and Can Assist just to name a few. The Temora community have been marvellous. The collection site at our depot is constantly filled with recyclables.” Said Mr Murphy.

Temora Lions Club Recycling Depot

Most of the $100,000 raised through Return and Earn is spent locally to help those in the Temora community, with some funds also going towards broader causes including guide dogs and disaster relief.

Temora locals can continue to support the Lions Club and their work in the community by dropping off their containers to their recycling depot on Melaleuca Street or donating directly to the Club.


Stephen Lawrence, Duty MLC for the Cootamundra electorate said, “What an incredible effort by an incredible group of volunteers. Temora Lions Club provides invaluable support to community members in need and play an important role in protecting our environment through the operation of their recycling depot. I’d particularly like to commend their significant container recycling efforts through Return and Earn which is delivering significant social and environmental benefits to Temora.”

About Return and Earn

Return and Earn is a key fundraising channel for many charities and community groups across NSW.

More than $47 million has been raised from donations and fees from hosting return points since the scheme began in December 2017.

For more information on Return and Earn visit: www.returnandearn.org.au

This article was issued by Stephen Lawrence, MLC on 13 December 2023.