At TOMRA Cleanaway, we believe our team are the key to the delivery of a world-class container deposit scheme. As the network operator for the NSW Return and Earn container deposit scheme, we play a pivotal role in ensuring the scheme’s success through high levels of customer participation and engagement achieved through our committed staff delivering excellence.

Each year, we focus on recognising the unique individual contributions our staff members make to the network operation for Return and Earn, and we celebrate our collective achievement through the annual ‘TOMRA Cleanaway Awards’.

The TOMRA Cleanaway awards began in 2018 and have since become an annual event enjoyed by all. Our Staff Awards acknowledge those team members that colleagues, and management, have singled out for delivering excellence. In 2022, the nomination period commenced in October and concluded in late November. Peer nominations were anonymous, and individuals were identified for business-wide recognised service excellence. Over and above this internal recognition, the team members are acknowledged for delivering a level of excellence that has a positive influence on the community that relies on TOMRA Cleanaway’s services through Return and Earn.

Team Spirit Award

Tara Rapley

The Team Spirit Award recognises an individual that proactively instigates positivity and enthusiasm for the TOMRA Cleanaway organisation and the Return and Earn container deposit, resulting in an improved culture. In 2022, this staff member was Tara Rapley.

Throughout the year, Tara demonstrated constant positivity, represented the essence of TOMRA Cleanaway’s service delivery and constantly promoted Return and Earn. Tara characterised Team Spirit by;

  • Embedding a culture of positivity in daily work through enthusiasm and a focus on ‘The Team’ of TOMRA Cleanaway, and
  • Leading by example and embracing ‘The Team’.

Coaching Award

Alysia Cassin

Throughout 2022, Alysia has been instrumental as a go-to for onboarding new staff members, delivering training and mentoring during the critical early stages of customer service officer induction into the TOMRA Cleanaway network operation and Return and Earn container deposit scheme.

Ongoing, Alysia has been identified and acknowledged by her peers for providing exceptional support for junior staff members in relation to their tasks within the customer service operation.

Congratulations Alysia, for winning the Coaching Champion Award 2 years in a row!

Customer Service Award

Alison McLachlan

The Customer Service Award category recognises a staff member with a strong commitment to ongoing collaboration, engagement, and delivery of high-quality services to internal and/or external stakeholders.

In 2022, Alison McLachlan was awarded as she was recognised as continuously delivering;

  • Positive and productive relationships with internal and/or external stakeholders with clear results,
  • Operating collaboratively and cooperatively, leading by example, and
  • Demonstrating integrity, reliability, responsiveness and active engagement when dealing with stakeholders.

Team Player Award

Koryce Su

This category recognises an outstanding achievement that is widely acknowledged as a TOMRA Cleanaway ‘Team Player’.

In 2022, Koryce was awarded the ‘Team Player’ Award for being exceptional in her role and valuing the team’s success and recognition over her own. Koryce is dedicated to serving the needs of the greater Team and jumping in to assist when needed.

Above & Beyond Award

Shree Joshi & Brook Hayes

In 2022 Shree Joshi and Brook Hayes were recognised as TOMRA Cleanaway’s ‘Above and Beyond’ Award recipients due to their:

  • Commitment and diligence in the delivery of a support function within the TOMRA Cleanaway organisation;
  • For always going the extra mile in everything that they do, and
  • Forming a culture of cooperation and understanding amongst ‘The Team’.

Call Centre Champion

Raissa Orayenza

Awarded for her outstanding consistent performance and service delivery in the TOMRA Cleanaway Customer Service Centre, Raissa was recognised as the ‘Call Centre Champion for 2022’ due to the demonstration of the following attributes regularly:

  • Consistent delivery of high-quality customer service to internal and external customers,
  • Working hard to understand customer needs and find a solution or service, and
  • Actively building the service excellence culture in the TOMRA Cleanaway Customer Service Centre; and
  • Consistently providing a role model for peers by leading by example.

To all team, thank you and we commemorate your contribution. To those staff that received nominations and were awarded for excellence – Congratulations from all of us!