TOMRA Cleanaway Awards

TOMRA Cleanaway’s, team is the key to the delivery of a world-class container deposit scheme. As a network operator for Return and Earn, we play a pivotal role in ensuring scheme success – this has been achieved through the commitment of our staff delivering excellence. The awards focus on recognising the unique individual contributions through the celebration of achievement. TOMRA Cleanaway believes that shared success helps bring our team together. The annual TOMRA Cleanaway Awards is one of the many ways that we celebrate our team and show our gratitude for their outstanding efforts.

The TOMRA Cleanaway awards began in 2018 and have become an annual event to recognise team members chosen by their peers and management team for delivering excellence.

2020 peer nominations were so strong that we had to add categories to accommodate additional staff members achievements! Our thanks and congratulations go out too:

Call Centre Agent Award 2020

Koryce Su

This category recognises the individual who has demonstrated the key behaviours of a professional Call Centre Agent in the TOMRA Cleanaway Customer Service Centre.

In 2020 Koryce was recognise for the following attributes:

  • Delivery of high-quality customer service to internal and external customers,
  • Works hard to understand customer needs and find a solution or service, and
  • Actively builds the service culture in the TOMRA Cleanaway Customer Service Centre and leads by example.

Team Spirit Award 2020 

Donna McLachlan

The Team Spirit Award is designed to recognise the individual that proactively instigates positivity and enthusiasm for the TOMRA Cleanaway organisation resulting in an improved culture. 

In 2020, there was one staff member who demonstrated resilience and characterised efforts throughout. Accordingly, Donna was awarded due to:

  • Embeds a culture of positivity in daily work through enthusiasm and a focus on ‘The Team’ of TOMRA Cleanaway, and
  • Leads by example and embraces ‘The Team’.

Team Win Award 2020

Lily Brooks-Pope

This category has been devised to recognise outstanding achievement that is widely acknowledged as a TOMRA Cleanaway ‘Team Win’.

In 2020, Lily was awarded the Team Win Award due to her dedication to serving the needs of the Automated Depot and Over the Counter network in NSW.  Throughout 2020 Lily demonstrated:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement delivering organisational, scheme and customer benefits,
  • Delivery of issue resolution that provides comfort to customers and/ or stakeholders alike ensuring continued network access for the NSW community.

Customer Service Award 2020

Alexandra Zonaras

The Customer Service Award category recognises a staff members strong commitment to ongoing collaboration, engagement, and delivery of high-quality services to internal and/or external stakeholders.

Alexandra was awarded Customer Service Award 2020 for her commitment to:

  • Building positive and productive relationships with internal and/or external stakeholders with clear results,
  • Operating collaboratively and cooperatively, leading by example, and

Demonstrating integrity, reliability, responsiveness and active engagement when dealing with stakeholders.

Quiet Achiever Award 2020 

Lan Wakefield

This award recognises the individual that has demonstrated an outstanding contribution to TOMRA Cleanaway by modelling a commitment to their work on a daily basis. Whilst their role may not cross functions within the organisation, the staff member plays a recognised pivotal role in service delivery.   

In 2020, Lan was TOMRA Cleanaway’s Quiet Achiever Awardee. Recognised due to:

  • Commitment and diligence in the delivery of a support function within the TOMRA Cleanaway organisation;
  • Fostering a culture of excellence through a commitment to seeing tasks through and instigating escalations when required, and
  • Builds a culture of cooperation and understanding amongst ‘The Team’.

TOMRA Cleanaway Awards for going above and beyond

In addition to these award categories in 2020, we are proud to announce the following staff members were awarded TOMRA Cleanaway Awards for going above and beyond. Their contributions aided TOMRA Cleanaway in the delivery of a ‘world-class’ container deposit scheme through Return and Earn in NSW. Our thanks and congratulations go out too:

Account & Audit Excellence Award 2020

Xenia Spanicek

TOMRA Cleanaway’s Audit and Accounts Team has a contracted requirement for site inspections and check-ins. In 2020, Xenia demonstrated considerable commitment and responsibility for her contracted accounts, ensuring her requirement were contacted and visited on a regular basis. Xenia delivered a quota well beyond her requirement and was applauded for her efforts.

Responsiveness & Planning Award 2020

Tara Rapley

In 2020 Tara demonstrated agile management and coordination in her role as the Customer Service Centre Supervisor for TOMRA Cleanaway. Ensure clear process and mobilisation of the Customer Service Team to alternate working arrangement as needed, Tara demonstrated a considerable ability for Responsiveness and Planning. Over the year, Tara was also recognised for her staff engagement and support activities, that were especially invaluable during a year of disruption.

To all of our team, you have our thanks, and we celebrate your contribution. To those staff that received nominations and were awarded for excellence.

Congratulations from all of us!