“We are proud to support the Good Friday Appeal as Victoria’s first statewide donation partner for CDS Vic. The Good Friday Appeal holds a special place in Victorian’s hearts, and through the CDS Vic West Zone network from TOMRA Cleanaway, the community now has an easy mechanism to donate and make their change.”


James Dorney, CEO TOMRA Cleanaway

Victoria’s new Container Deposit Scheme, known as CDS Vic, is making it easy for Victorians to donate their container refunds to a great cause this Easter by partnering with the Good Friday Appeal.

The annual Royal Children’s Hospital fundraiser will be the first statewide donation partner for CDS Vic, giving it priority placement on more than 145 reverse vending machines and promotion at more than 50 depots across the state.

The partnership will make it easy for Victorians right across the state to donate to the Good Friday Appeal by returning their containers for a 10-cent refund until 30 April.

Until Easter, the Good Friday Appeal community – including the Regional Area Managers, CFA, volunteers, schools, businesses and families, will also be collecting containers to return as refund donations.

CDS Vic is trialing the Good Friday Appeal as a statewide donation partner and will review the results to determine if a statewide donation partner model should be adopted on a permanent basis – to help Victorian charities and community groups boost their fundraising and awareness efforts.

“Every year Victorians show their incredible generosity by donating to the Good Friday Appeal, and our new Container Deposit Scheme is a great new way to support this important fundraiser.”

“We are working hard to build Australia’s most successful, convenient and accessible container deposit scheme and as the scheme grows so does the number of donations to hardworking charities and community groups.”

Minister for Environment Steve Dimopoulos

CDS Vic Supporting Victorian Charities

More than 2,000 donation partners have registered with CDS Vic since its launch on 1 November 2023. TOMRA Cleanaway are thrilled that over 860 of these charities, community groups, schools and organisations are already using the CDS Vic West Zone app as a way to support their fundraising efforts!

People in the CDS Vic West Zone who are looking to donate their container refunds to the Good Friday Appeal have a couple of ways they can donate:

  1. Via the CDS Vic West Zone app – simply click on the Good Friday Appeal banner on the home page and select “Set as payout”. Now when you visit a refund point and scan your used barcode, your refund will be donated in full to the Good Friday Appeal. This includes “Bag Drop” returns at CDS Vic West Zone Depots!
  2. Via the on-screen donation option at West Zone Reverse Vending Machine – once you’ve finished depositing your eligible drink containers at the RVM, simply select “Donate” on the digital screen to donate your total refund amount directly to the Good Friday Appeal.

To find your nearest refund point, and for more information, visit the CDS Vic website.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme as its first statewide donation partner. Victorians have an innate generosity for helping, and by donating your containers, this is another way to be able to support the community and give to the Good Friday Appeal.”

Good Friday Appeal Executive Director Rebecca Cowan