Team TOMRA Cleanaway Walking to fight Cancer!

Team TOMRA Cleanaway again participated in the ‘7 Bridges Challenge’ to help raise funds and fight cancer with the NSW Cancer Council. Due to COVID, the format was slightly different in 2021, allowing participants to complete the walk over a week and track their activities as they progress.  Charity, fundraising and the community is at the heart of everything we do as a container deposit scheme network operator and our annual commitment to the ‘7 Bridges Challenge’ highlights this!

In an amazing effort, over $2,200 was raised by the team!

Throwback to The 7 Bridges Walk’ 2019

Pre-COVID times in 2019, an intrepid TOMRA Cleanaway Team of ten, conquered the hills surrounding the Sydney Harbour for the annual Cancer Council ‘7 Bridges Walk’.

The Team included James Dorney, David Hill, Michelle Mandl-Keating, Janice Lee, Vesna Davidovic, Craig Miller, Xenia Spanicek, Alexandra Zonaras, Lan Wakefield and Christine Hill.

It was a stunning spring day in Sydney on Sunday October 27 when ten walkers from the TOMRA Cleanaway set out  to complete the 28km NSW Cancer Council charity event, the ‘7 Bridges Walk’.

The team commenced the walk with great enthusiasm and excitement for the hours of walking ahead, obviously ignorant of future pains at that stage. The walk took the team across some tricky terrain around the harbour. Tripping was a genuine issue, with 13,000 thousands of individuals and teams participating in the event.

Beautiful views and weather were a happy distraction throughout the walk.  The primary challenge for the group was walking with some 13,000 other participants. Keeping the team together was difficult, with such height variation and stride differences, it was a constant struggle. Early on the group separated into four smaller Teams, unified and split up again at villages along the track.

An amazing challenge for the TOMRA Cleanaway, that was enthusiastically met, especially knowing the fatigue and physical strain that would experience afterwards. In the week leading up to the event, the Team raised an amazing $5,616!! Smashing the $2,800 fundraising goal. Of 990 teams that registered, Team TC ranked #12 for funds raised.

There is already talk of the 2022 Team in the ‘7 Bridges Walk’ next year when we are all able to participate together.

To Sponsor the TOMRA Cleanaway team, please visit our Fundraising page