“Ultimately, we look to embody our vision of delivering a positive legacy in the jurisdictions in which we operate and to achieve our mission of driving value through recycling.” – James Dorney | CEO, TOMRA Cleanaway

TOMRA Cleanaway today celebrated the news of their appointment as a Network Operator for Victoria’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS), “CDS VIC”. TOMRA Cleanaway Chief Executive Officer, James Dorney stated, “Today’s announcement by the Hon. Ingrid Stitt – Minister for Environment is a great outcome for TOMRA Cleanaway, Victoria and the Victorian community”.

Regarding the geography that TOMRA Cleanaway has been appointed to provide CDS network operator services, James said of the news, “TOMRA Cleanaway’s appointment as a network operator in Zones 1 and 4 covering the majority of Western Victoria will provide the community with a world-class container deposit network. Zones 1 and 4 represent a population of over 2 million Victorians and an estimated half a billion eligible drink containers each year”.

“With a refund of 10c for each of these containers, we will look to return an estimated $50 million each year back to the Victorian community,” said Mr Dorney.

One of the outstanding features of TOMRA Cleanaway’s network will be the provision of TOMRA’s world-leading Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) technology that will scan and verify each container as it enters the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme, and which combine convenient placement of return points with a full range of deposit refund options for consumers, including retail cash, digital transfers direct to bank account and donations to charities or community groups.

Every container returned through the TOMRA Cleanaway network represents the Victorian community’s support and active participation in the domestic circular economy. Plastics will be taken to local recycling plants, glass delivered to beneficiation plants for reuse and aluminium sold into an open commodity market to be infinitely recycled.

“Ultimately, we look to embody our vision of delivering a positive legacy in the jurisdictions in which we operate and to achieve our mission of driving value through recycling,” Mr Dorney said.

Partnership will also feature at the heart of TOMRA Cleanaway’s container deposit network operation. Strong partnerships with collection point operators, hosts, charities and community groups will embed enduring recycling behaviour change in Victoria.


“TOMRA Cleanaway’s extensive experience in container deposit scheme network delivery has demonstrated the importance of partnerships. We have already established positive relationships with the Victorian Government, Scheme Coordinator VIC Return Ltd and Collection Point Operators, that will deliver Victoria an outstanding Scheme that will stand the test of time.”

Collection Point Operators that provide the community with access to the Victorian Container Deposit Scheme “CDS VIC”, will be critical to the Scheme’s success.

“TOMRA Cleanaway has an open approach to continually engaging on community participation opportunities” Mr Dorney advised. “We are keen to hear from community groups, commercial operators and not-for-profits that want to partner with us to deliver an important feature of activating Victoria’s circular economy.”

“TOMRA Cleanaway is excited to activate our network and forge a collaborative working relationship with the Victorian Government, Scheme Coordinator, VIC Return Ltd, other network operators and, importantly, the Victorian community to deliver Recycling Victoria’s flagship program”.

TOMRA Cleanaway is the premier network operator of Container Deposit Schemes in Australia; underpinned by global leading technology, our services cover container collection, logistics and commodity management. TOMRA Cleanaway was established to deliver the NSW Container Deposit Scheme, ‘Return and Earn’ in 2017 by shareholders, TOMRA Collection Solutions, a global leader in sorting technology and expert in container return systems and Cleanaway, Australia’s largest waste and resource recovery company.

For more information, visit, www.TOMRACleanaway.com.au

To register interest in partnership with TOMRA Cleanaway in Western Victoria, Zone 1 and Zone 4, please contact us on, enquiries@TOMRACleanaway.com.au