How it works


How CDS Vic works

Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, will reward Victorians with a 10 cent refund for every eligible beverage container they return through the scheme from 1 November 2023.

CDS Vic has been designed to focus on accessibility and convenience for all Victorians, to encourage and enable us all to be a part of better recycling. By returning your eligible drink containers with CDS Vic, you’re keeping containers out of landfill and giving them another lease on life – to be recycled again and again!

As West Zone Operator for CDS Vic, TOMRA Cleanaway is responsible for ensuring that every eligible container returned through our refund points is diverted from landfill and recycled correctly.

The material we collect represents the pinnacle of resource recovery and the start of a circular economy journey.

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Making your change is simple:

… then we take care of the rest!


Container eligibility

Like other container deposit schemes around Australia, CDS Vic targets drink containers commonly found as litter and typically consumed outside of the home.

Eligible containers include:

  • most aluminium cans
  • liquid paper board cartons
  • glass and plastic bottles between 150ml and 3l

Ineligible containers include:

  • glass wine and spirit bottles
  • juice bottles 1l and over
  • milk bottles and cartons
  • cordial bottles and juice concentrates

Don’t crush your containers or remove their lids or labels – our scanners need to be able to clearly identify your eligible container to make sure you get your refund. Ineligible containers can still be recycled through your kerbside recycle bin.

Look for the 10c mark on your drink’s label.

Still unsure if your container is eligible for a 10c refund? Download the CDS Vic West Zone app to use the container checker to scan your containers barcode and see it’s eligibility.


Refund types

For every eligible container you return through CDS Vic you receive a 10 cent refund – and you can choose the refund type that works for you.

Digital Payout

With the CDS Vic West Zone app, you can directly transfer your refund into a nominated bank account or PayPal or store as digital vouchers to redeem for cash or purchases at a participating supermarket later.

Just scan your app barcode before returning your eligible drink containers and select ‘Payout’ to get your refund digitally.


Vouchers are available from all TOMRA Cleanaway reverse vending machines (RVMs) and can be redeemed for cash or discounts on purchases from the local retail partner shown on your voucher or machine.

Vouchers don’t require any app or registration and don’t require you to disclose any personal details.


Cash is available from most CDS Vic West Zone depots and over-the-counter refund points.

These locations are staffed by our friendly refund point partner hosts, who will count your eligible containers there and then, before giving you an option to receive your refund in cash.


CDS Vic allows you to donate your refund to support a number of charities and community groups.

Schools, sporting clubs, community groups, charities and more can register to become donation partners with CDS Vic and receive your 10c refund to help them reach their fundraising goals. There are many ways you can donate your refund:

  • Use the CDS Vic West Zone app to select from a variety of charities.
  • Donate directly via your local reverse vending machine.
  • Donate your drink containers directly to community fundraising groups.

CDS Vic West Zone app

The CDS Vic West Zone app has been designed to help you make your change in Victoria’s west. You can receive digital payment straight to your bank account (can take up to 3 business days), track how much you earn, or donate your refunds – all through the app.

Simply scan your app barcode and start returning eligible containers to watch your earnings grow. The app is your CDS Vic by TOMRA Cleanaway account, enabling you to choose what you want to do with your refunds. You can directly transfer your earnings into your bank account or PayPal, store digital vouchers to redeem for cash or purchases at your nearest supermarket, or you can donate to charity.

  1. Register your account.
  2. Scan your barcode.
  3. Return your containers.
  4. Get your refund!

Know before you go!

Visit the map of refund points to find your nearest refund point. Remember to save your favourite location for quick access every time you want to return your eligible containers. Be sure to check the opening hours, live status of the machines, and directions before you go.