Why it matters


About CDS Vic

Victoria’s container deposit scheme, CDS Vic, is part of the Victorian Government’s investment in transforming the state’s waste and recycling sector, and is a key action in the state’s circular economy plan, Recycling Victoria: A new economy.

Like all Australian container deposit schemes, CDS Vic is funded by beverage suppliers, and will make producers more responsible for their products after they have been used. CDS Vic will reward participants with a 10 cent refund for every eligible beverage container returned through the scheme – incentivising people to recycle more and better.

CDS Vic will provide many shared benefits to the community, the environment and the economy by delivering:

  • more and better recycling
  • less waste – old containers become new ones
  • less litter – reduced by up to a half
  • hundreds of new jobs and economic opportunities across Victoria
  • a cleaner, greener state.

CDS Vic has been designed to complement the new household waste collection system that will introduce a 4-bin system, giving Victorians greater access to better recycling both at and away from home.


For recycling

Container deposit schemes are a great example of the circular economy at work. A circular economy is a system where materials never become waste. Instead, these materials are kept in circulation for as long as possible through processes such as recycling.

Whereas traditional kerbside recycling can sometimes be contaminated, causing materials to be discarded or downcycled into lesser products, container deposit schemes provide a clean stream of materials that can be recycled into new products again and again.

Containers collected through TOMRA Cleanaway’s network of refund points represent a highly prized commodity. As a result of the large volumes of containers collected, our commodity trading desk function delivers high-quality materials to domestic and global buyers.


For fundraising

CDS Vic gives charities, community groups, schools and sporting groups new ways to benefit from refunds by:

  • collecting containers
  • registering as a donation partner to receive refund donations from others
  • holding a ‘Bottles and Cans Drive’ collection initiative
  • becoming a registered refund point host.

Becoming a registered donation partner is easy:

  1. Groups interested in fundraising through CDS Vic will first need to apply to the Scheme Coordinator to obtain a donation partner ID. Click here for more information.
  2. To fundraise and receive payments in the West Zone, groups will then need to activate their donation partner ID with TOMRA Cleanaway through the link provided in their registration email.

As a registered donation partner, your organisation will appear on the TOMRA Cleanaway CDS Vic West Zone app as a preferred payout option so people can donate their refunds directly to your cause.

If your charity or community group is interested in hosting a registered refund point in the West Zone, contact us to find out more.

Story example from NSW Return & Earn:

Emergency services organisation Marine Rescue Sydney has participated in several of the different fundraising options available through partnering with TOMRA Cleanaway, including as a Reverse vending machine on-screen partner and through the mobile app.

The organisation and its members also actively collect drink containers from the local community and have established onsite donation bins.

Marine Rescue Sydney has raised more than $5,000 as of February 2022, helping to increase boating traffic safety in NSW.

“This is a fantastic initiative, and we encourage and welcome all other not-for-profits getting on board. This is a win-win initiative with no losers.”

– Marg Chu, Operations Officer