Victoria’s container deposit scheme announced – a win for the environment and the Victorian community.

Today’s announcement by the Victorian Andrews Government regarding the future Container Deposit Scheme has been acknowledged by TOMRA Cleanaway with Chief Executive, James Dorney, describing the decision as “A positive step forward and an outstanding result for the environment, as well as an outstanding win for the Victorian community.”

Mr Dorney said of the news, “We applaud the announcement today from the Victorian Energy, Environment and Climate Change Minister, the Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio, that the Victorian container deposit scheme will be based upon a split-responsibility model.”

“The environment and the broader Victorian community are the ultimate winners of this decision, as the model chosen by the Government will ensure community participation is placed at the core of the future Scheme.” Mr Dorney said.

In relation to the model adopted in Victoria, Mr Dorney reflected on TOMRA Cleanaway’s expertise in container deposit scheme network operation saying, “An accessible, convenient and rewarding Scheme that separates the responsibility of network operations and scheme coordination will ultimately drive higher return rates and deliver accelerated triple bottom line outcomes for all involved.”

“We know from our experience as Network Operator in NSW how effective the split responsibility model is. In NSW we take great pride in maintaining a positive relationship working with the Government, Scheme Coordinator and many Collection Point operators, resulting in a Scheme which has continued to grow and evolve for the benefit of all citizens”.

Mr Dorney said importantly, the split responsibility model adopted by the Victorian Government would provide the best opportunity for citizen access as well as a local charity and community group participation and will also boost local recycling outcomes.

“We welcome the pathway forward that enables a transparent, fair and open tender process to occur which will ultimately result in the delivery of the best possible container deposit scheme for Victoria.”

Find out more information on the announcement on the Victorian Government website.

Download the media release.

TOMRA Cleanaway is the government-appointed network operator for the NSW container deposit scheme ‘Return and Earn’. TOMRA Cleanaway was established in 2017 by shareholders, TOMRA Collection Solutions, a global leader in sorting technology and expert in container return systems and Cleanaway, Australia’s largest waste and resource recovery company. TOMRA Cleanaway is driving value through recycling and is the premier network operator for container deposit schemes in Australia.