James Dorney, TOMRA Cleanaway’s CEO recently presented at the online Waste Expo conference. Usually held as an annual face to face event at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre with thousands of delegates, the new online format proved accessible and popular. Over 650 delegates from Australia and across the globe subscribed to the highly anticipated session on circular economy. In his presentation, James provided the highlights regarding how the TOMRA Cleanaway network for Return and Earn in NSW is utilising “Real-time data delivering a world-class container deposit network”.

According to James, the age-old business management principle of ‘if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’, reinforces the importance of a technology-based network. For TOMRA Cleanaway and all stakeholders involved at every level of operation in NSW, the technology provided is delivering transparency and driving performance excellence. Rates of return, remote management of return points, and live stream monitoring of the network have enabled the execution of a consistent, pleasurable and accessible customer experience.

In regards to the value that a technology-based network is delivering for NSW Return and Earn customers, James states that our operations teams have at hand “meaningful real-time responses to citizen enquiries”. Not only does this data inform the TOMRA Cleanaway customer service centre, but is used to manage agile fleet responses for collections across the network.