Family-owned and operated local Corowa recycling business D &M Recycling has opened a bulk container processing facility called Corowa Return and Earn! Originally operating a manual container collection service at the same location since the commencement of Return and Earn in December 2017, strong support and returns from the local community through the over-the-counter service demonstrated a need for increased processing capacity.

James Dorney, CEO of TOMRA Cleanaway, network operator of Return and Earn acknowledged the considerable efforts of the D& M Recycling operation since the commencement of Return and Earn and the contribution that the business is making to the local environment and community, “Danielle and her Team are to be commended for their Return and Earn efforts in Corowa. Local community members now have access to a bulk container return point, as well as an existing reverse vending machine at the Corowa RSL Club.”

“When locals make use of this return point in combination with their household recycling, everyone is making a positive contribution to reduce litter and landfill, and contribute to a more sustainable future,” Mr Dorney said.

Local Member for Albury, Justin Clancy congratulated D & M Recycling and the Corowa community for contributing to a more sustainable future through container recycling.

“Federation Council residents have been enthusiastic users of the Return and Earn scheme, having returned more than 57.1 million bottles and cans for recycling since the scheme launched in December 2017.

“Our residents’ participation is helping reduce litter and landfill in our local environment while also putting money back into their pockets,” Mr Clancy said

“The new Corowa Return and Earn automated depot complements the existing Return and Earn machine in the area, giving local residents greater access to the scheme.”

D& M Recycling owner, Danielle O’Toole said expanding the existing over-the-counter point to a Return and Earn automated depot was a natural progression that allows the Hammersley Road business to better meet community needs and accommodate container bulk returns.

“With the increase in turnover and an increase in awareness of the scheme in the community, we were ready to expand,” Ms O’Toole said.

“Opening Corowa Return and Earn means we can now process containers onsite. This reduces travel movements which is more efficient and better for the environment.”

“When I first became aware of Return and Earn, I knew our business had to be a part of it. I love knowing that we are helping NSW become a more sustainable state.”

“At the end of the day, everybody wants to do what’s right. The less that goes into landfill the better it is for future generations,” said Danielle.

While any volume of containers can be returned to Corowa Return and Earn, the automatic sorting and counting machines onsite make it ideal for anyone bringing in more than 500 containers at a time.

More than 7.4 billion drink containers have been returned for recycling through Return and Earn’s network of 620+ return points across NSW since the scheme launched in 2017. This has resulted in more than $30 million being raised for charities and not-for-profits via donations and handling fees.

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Return and Earn is one of the most successful litter reduction initiatives ever seen in Australia. TOMRA Cleanaway is proud to work with our partners at the NSW Government, represented by the NSW Environment Protection Authority and scheme coordinator Exchange for Change to be transforming the way NSW recycles.

This article first appeared in the Corowa Free Press.