Return and Earn has become part of daily life for many New South Wales residents. Wollongong City Council has acknowledged the enthusiasm for the container deposit scheme by the local community and has invested in making recycling easier!


“TOMRA Cleanaway is thrilled to learn of Wollongong City Council’s ‘Return and Earn Basket Collection Trial’.

We know that there are many individuals across the community that have made Return and Earn a regular feature in the finances. This trial will provide valuable information about the benefits of public place collection facilities being made available to support vulnerable members of the community.”

James Dorney, CEO TOMRA Cleanaway


WITH 100 baskets for recyclable cans and bottle collections now attached to bins along the Wollongong coastline from Thirroul to Shellharbour, one wonders if Wollongong City Council is looking to pick up some Return and Earn cash over the summer!

The baskets have been installed at public place rubbish and recycling collection units along the coast and includes a sign requesting the community place any 10c eligible drink cans and bottles in the basket.

A Wollongong City Council spokeswoman said the summer drink and can collections trial is aimed to make life easier and safer for those can collectors after some extra money.

“We know some people may collect items from these baskets and use them in Return and Earn schemes,” the spokeswoman said.

“This already happens in public spaces with people taking the risky step of rummaging through red-lidded bins.

“The baskets are safer as people are able to see what is in them should someone wish to collect the recyclables. Ultimately, our focus is on supporting our community to keep recyclables out of landfill.”

Which means collectors of eligible drink can and bottles are able to access drink containers in the baskets with ease.

Drink & can baskets make Return and Earn even easier


For locals in the Wollongong City Council area, there are a multitude of opportunities to participate in the Return and Earn container deposit scheme across the local government area.

Thirteen return points available in the area, providing the community with a recycling option that suits a variety of needs. Return points in the area includes Reverse Vending Machines (RVM), Over the Counter return pints and a large format Depot that is operated by NSW Charity, Vinnies at 10-12 Investigator Dr Unanderra.



This article was first published in the Illawarra Mercury